No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update Coming August 14

  • Playstation 4
  • Windows
  • Action-Adventure
  • Survival
Update arriving Wednesday.
Update arriving Wednesday. Hello Gams

The upcoming update for No Man's Sky, titled Beyond, is set to be released this Wednesday, August 14. Beyond is going to be a free update for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The most exciting feature is that the update now allows the entire game to be played in virtual reality.

Developer Hello Games revealed Beyond is three major updates, rolled into one larger free release. The change includes a mix of features that Hello Games have been thinking of, as well as the reaction to how people have been playing since the release of NEXT. The update also expands the online experience, which adds a new social and multiplayer experience that allows players everywhere to meet and play together.

VR support brings the whole game experience to life in virtual reality. All you need to do is grab the joystick and thruster to fly your starship over an unexplored alien planet as you peer out of the cockpit at the view below. You can also reach into your backpack to grab your multitool, touch it to switch to terrain manipulation, and carve out intricate shapes with unprecedented control.

Play in multiplayer and casually wave to your non-VR friends or fist bump your VR peers.

According to Hello Games, Beyond is the result of 12 months of work. The more the team got into development, the more those individual pieces started to coalesce and become interdependent on each other. In terms of VR, the team knew that not only is it cool, but also a major undertaking for a procedurally generated universe. In addition, virtual reality becomes all the more enjoyable and immersive when you’re playing with friends, be they VR players or not.

Some members of the press have already been given the chance to play Beyond and IGN says that the game feels completely different in virtual reality. GamesRadar meanwhile said that No Man's Sky is the virtual game they have been waiting for.

No Man's Sky
A Beautiful Sci-Fi Novel That's All Cover, No Book
'No Man's Sky' is a space exploration game unlike any other, for better and worse. It's a sci-fi adventure game that feels like classic sci-fi novel covers. Too bad it's missing so many chapters.
  • A massive universe to explore
  • Cool alien races
  • A brilliant showcase of procedural technology
  • Not much to do beyond resource collection
  • Alien interactions are fairly meaningless
  • Not as unique as originally advertised.
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