Nintendo's Latest April Fool's Joke Is ‘Fire Emblem: Battle Of Revolution’

fire emblem battle revolution april fools
Nintendo's April Fool's Joke introduces a "new" Fire Emblem game. Nintendo

It’s already April 1 in Japan and Nintendo has begun the April Fool’s festivities by “announcing” Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution, a brand new entry in the Fire Emblem series for both Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

Nintendo’s website has a page dedicated to Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution showing concept art of the three main characters (two swordsmen and a female archer) and how the game will look on both the Switch and 3DS.

The art style and visuals are akin to older Fire Emblem games that were on GameBoy platforms. There is also a section for DLC coming to Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution .

Again, this is just an April Fool’s Joke. But what’s not a joke is that there are two real Fire Emblem titles coming to Nintendo platforms this year. The first is Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valencia for the Nintendo 3DS coming in April, which reimagines a classic Fire Emblem title that never left Japan. There’s also Fire Emblem Warriors for both Switch and 3DS that adopts the Dynasty Warriors formula and puts your favorite Fire Emblem characters in a hack-and-slash adventure this fall.

Nintendo’s Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution April Fool’s Joke won’t be the only gaming “fake news” coming your way, so be wary of what you read this weekend.

Were you fooled by Nintendo’s antics? Do you actually want Fire Emblem: Battle of Revolution to be a real game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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