Nintendo Teases A Brand-New Experience For Switch Coming September 12

Most likely going to be a new fitness-oriented title.
Nintendo is teasing a brand-new fitness experience, set to be revealed on September 12.
Nintendo is teasing a brand-new fitness experience, set to be revealed on September 12. Nintendo

Not content with releasing a ton of new video game announcements during its latest Direct, Nintendo is now adding another teaser for next week with regards to something the company calls “a new experience.” This teaser came with a trailer, which is probably one of the most surreal trailers I’ve ever witnessed from a video game company. Check it out below.

It’s not exactly obvious what the teaser is going for, but it centers on a strange circular apparatus which holds one of the Joy-cons, while the other is strapped to your leg. The teaser then goes on to show this apparatus being used by Switch players across the globe, including Paris, Madrid, Rome, San Francisco, Kyoto, and Dallas. It’s also shown to be used in different ways, which points to this apparatus being implemented for more than a couple of upcoming Nintendo Switch titles.

Judging by the movements made by the players in the teaser, it’s most certainly going to be a new Fit title, the first to be released for the Nintendo Switch. The series started with the Wii Fit for the Nintendo Wii, released back in 2008. The game used the infamous Wii Balance Board peripheral and was positively received for its advancements in the field of rehabilitation and fitness with the use of video games. This new Fit title for the Switch seems to be following the same trend, although the apparatus shown in the teaser tears away from the balance board and into a Pilates ring.

It’s also worth noting that some of the more animated movements point to a few more minigames being attached to this new title, and as such we could possibly see a revival of the Sports titles for the Wii and Wii U. It’s unclear, however, if this Switch iteration will be bundling all the titles together into one game, or if we will see different versions and apparatuses as well.

In any case, expect more to come when the official reveal comes this Thursday, on September 12. The announcement should comes as a pleasant surprise to anyone who’s had a great time with Wii Fit, especially in terms of the many benefits it provided for players’ health.

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