Nintendo Switch Pre Order Date: Australian Ads And Gamestop Rumors Suggest Jan. 12 Sign Up


One of the biggest pieces of gaming news of 2016, the Nintendo Switch, is getting a strong start to 2017 with pre order date rumors emerging online. As we head into the new year, Nintendo is making sure to stay at the top of the hype news by hitting the shelves early. Not physically, but a post on Reddit reveals an image of the Nintendo Switch pre-order ads sitting on the shelves at a retailer in Australia.

Pre-order Ad in Australia
Pre-order Ad in Australia Meelow100 - Reddit

Nothing new has come from the pre-order ads themselves, but since pre-order ads are being rolled out we asked a local Gamestop employee in New York (name withheld) about pre-orders dates for the Nintendo Switch. The employee said “pre-order ads and other details have not arrived as of yet, but we will know more as we get closer to the Nintendo Switch presentation and its impending release date.” A new pre-order date rumor on Reddit suggests that Gamestop will start taking information on or soon after the Nintendo Switch reveal.

Nintendo’s presentation for the Switch will be held on Thursday, Jan. 12, at 11 p.m. EST.

Hopefully, the days leading up to Jan. 12, 2017, more information on the Nintendo Switch will be released. For now, this is all we have. Keep your eyes peeled for pre-order ads at a retailer near you as we lead up to the Nintendo Switch presentation next month. In the meantime, read the latest news on Nintendo Switch.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

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