There’s Still Time to Enjoy the Nintendo Switch Indie World Holiday Sale

There's still time.
There's still time. Nintendo

Just because a game was an indie title, it doesn’t mean it won’t be any good. There are a lot of excellent gems in the indie game category. To show support, Nintendo Switch is offering some great deals on its Indie World Holiday Sale. It already started last week but will run until January 2 at 11:59 AM ET. That means there’s still time to get your hands on some of them.

Today, we give you some of our picks that you can use to decide your next indie game.

Hades ($19.99)

Players take on the role of an immortal Prince of the Underworld in this hack-and-slash game. Get the chance to use the powers and weapons of Olympus. Hades won not only Best Action but also Best Indie during the 2020 Game Awards. Hopefully, that should be enough to entice you to try it.

Cuphead ($13.99)

This classic run-and-gun action game puts focus on boss battles. It’s inspired by the 1930s cartoons, and its visuals and audio made using those same techniques. Get to travel strange worlds, acquire new weapons, and even learn super moves.

Super Meat Boy ($5.99)

In this platformer, players take on the role of an animated cube of meat, which simply wants to save his girlfriend from what appears to be an evil fetus in a jar wearing a tux. Get to experience some old school difficulty but got streamlined to the essentials.

Slay the Spire ($14.99)

This game shows what happens when you combine card games with roguelike titles. See what this single-player deck builder can offer, and know if you have the skills to meet the challenges.

Murder by Numbers ($10.04)

Uncover the mysteries by looking for clues. Get clues by solving Pixel Puzzles. Enter a world of TV studios, award shows, and even drag clubs. Enjoy the soundtrack made by composer Masakazu Sugimori.

Faeria ($13.39)

Get to enjoy this strategy game where you build decks and fight epic battles. There are more than 100 hours of solo content, co-operative missions, and puzzles to enjoy. Craft that deck, shape the battlefield, and of course, fight to win.

Forager ($13.99)

This 2D open-world game is inspired by exploration, farming, and crafting games. Everyone starts small and has the chance to improve their base, skills, equipment, and their network of friends. Get to build the future that you want.

See the complete list of games here.

Did you like our picks? What are your top picks?

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