Nightingale Early Access Delayed to Early 2023, Will be Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5

Extra time needed to “make key improvements, bolster content, and polish gameplay.”
Nightingale, a first-person survival crafting game, has been delayed to the first half of 2023.
Nightingale, a first-person survival crafting game, has been delayed to the first half of 2023. Inflexion Games

Developer Inflexion Games has announced a delay for the previously announced Nightingale’s early access launch. First planned for a release window sometime this year, the open-world survival crafting game will now be released sometime during the first half of 2023 according to the developer’s latest update. Nightingale is currently on track for release on PC via Steam, where Inflexion Games put up the announcement.

Here are the reasons for the delay of Nightingale:

The move is based on two considerations: The first is an upgrade to Unreal Engine 5. After reviewing the potential UE5 has to offer, we decided on upgrading now rather than waiting until after release.

This is more or less a great thing to hear, as it will allow Nightingale to compete at even footing with other survival crafting games, as Unreal Engine 5 is quickly becoming an industry staple. It also opens the possibility of a launch on new-gen consoles, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series.

The second reason, as noted in the post, is on par with what gamers would usually expect with these kinds of AA games. The extra development time will go toward three aspects: “make key improvements, bolster content, and polish gameplay.” Given that the launch is now somewhere around less than a year away, it’s highly likely that we’ll get to see massive improvements to the game before its planned launch.

Inflexion Games does end it on a somewhat good note, as the developer promised more game and development updates on Nightingale in the coming weeks. A beta of sorts will also be welcome, but as of now, the developer did not confirm anything with regards to early playtesting.

Nightingale features a PvE open-world survival scenario that can be played either solo or with friends. As a Realmwalker, you are tasked with surviving long enough to discover the magical city of Nightingale, society’s final bastion in a world filled with mystical Fae realms. Nightingale features a uniquely Victorian-esque feel, with aesthetics ripped straight from early 19th century London.

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