New World Update 1.0.4 Everfall Starting Beach Removed, Bug Fixes, and More

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New World recently received a new update that brought changes and bug fixes. One of the biggest changes is the removal of the Everfall starting beach. This change is to limit the spawning of new players to only three locations. This also increases the chance of players to start the game with others. While it is a decent change, it gives players the option to make or join a party.

The developers also fixed an issue where the world time would skip ahead or lag behind, which could cause issues across the world. Issues including AI not spawning, losing houses in Cutlass Keys, and rare server crashes have been resolved as well.

New World Update 1.0.4

General Changes

  • Slightly improved performance within Wars.
  • Slightly improved the performance of the Life Staff with changes to the passive abilities Mending Touch and Blissful Touch.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Faction token caps were not increasing after players had completed the rank-up quests for their faction.
  • Fixed an issue with the suspension/ban notification showing incorrect times.
  • Fixed an issue where Mrykgard Corrupted portals in Shattered Mountain were distributing higher tier gear than intended, and respawning faster than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where enemies in Myrkgard Corrupted portal events were dropping loot.
  • Fixed an issue with Starmetal and Orichalcum ore veins where large ore veins were rewarding small amounts of ore and small ore veins were rewarding larger amounts of ore.
  • Fixed an issue where the War lottery timer would not pause correctly during the War lockout period.
  • Fixed the render distance of the Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin lights.
  • Fixed an issue causing the GM chat tag to show on non-GM players.
  • Fixed an issue causing armor textures to flicker.
  • Fixed an issue in the Starstone Barrows Expedition where the arcane protection was not protecting players from certain lasers.
  • Fixed an issue where certain enemies in the Amrine Excavation were invulnerable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ice Pylon could stay on an infinite cooldown.
  • Fixed an issue where players could obtain rings that had two perks sharing an exclusive perk label, and shouldn't exist on the same ring.
  • Fixed an issue causing the projectile visual to be absent from Ice Gauntlet and Ice Pylon attacks.
  • Fixed an issue where players would be unable to complete a variety of game actions after fast traveling.

You can read more about the update here.

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