New Trailer For Greedfall Highlights Its 'Serene' Moments

Or lack thereof, as Serene itself is quite the opposite of its name.
Greedfall gets a new trailer.
Greedfall gets a new trailer. Focus Home Interactive

The upcoming action-RPG Greedfall released a 47-second snippet showcasing the great port city of Serene, and the city’s name could not be more to opposite to its reality - a bleak and desolate landscape filled with death and despair.

The short clip expounds a bit on Greedfall’s story: an illness-stricken island with a decimated population still manages to attract the most colorful and unscrupulous characters. Serene is eerily reminiscent and similar to Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing. Both of the cities are capitals in their respective worlds. Both are filled with a poor and destitute populace. They is dirty and dangerous, yet still attract a number of personalities, such as politicians, merchants and thieves.

The lovechild of developer Spiders and publisher Focus Home Interactive, Greedfall is a miasma of real life and fantasy elements. Set in a timeline similar to real-life 17th century, but peppered with magic and monsters, Greedfall is a story about your quest to find a cure for a mysterious illness ravaging your home city of Serene. Your adventure brings you to Teer Fradee, a magical island filled with both deathly dangers and worldly riches. Your quest will not be easy though, as you are caught in a deadly conflict between the island’s settlers (composed of mercenaries, treasure hunters, and some just looking for a new opportunity on the island) and the island’s natives. The natives have some back-up in the form of “Guardians”, one of the many manifestations of the island’s innate magic.

Aside from its “ever-evolving world”, Greedfall boasts deep RPG mechanics that supposedly put the game in the players’ hands. Rich cosmetic customization options will be available for your character at the beginning of the game, with a number of skills or talents to invest in that affect the way players approach specific quests. The game’s outcome will be influenced heavily by your character's decisions. Both trivial matters and those with great consequential effects will affect how your quest and story will conclude.

As an RPG fan, the only thing I am sincerely hoping for Greedfall to achieve is its decision-making mechanics. Any RPG diehard can attest to the fact that a game’s ability to achieve different results by making different decisions plays a huge part in the RPG experience and immersion. The fact that it’s also in third-person helps.

Greedfall will be released in September 2019 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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