A New Tank Hero Smashes Her Way to Paragon: The Overprime

Paragon Terra Tank
The tank is more than ready. Netmarble

A new update for Paragon: The Overprime has been released and it marks the official debut of the newest tank hero. Get ready to make way for Terra as she arrives to the game with her overwhelming physicality, strength, and skill in battle, all of which have been honed as a Royal Guardsman of the United States of Cortia

Terra first gained the attention of a lot of people after her outstanding performance of defending a village new Kathab. This resulted in the Queen herself personally visiting Terra and granting her a knighthood to become of the founding members of the Royal Guard. Now she fights to uphold the honor of Cortia and carries out the will of the Queen as the continues to build on her legend on the battlefield.

For those curious about the new hero, her skills include:

  • Ruthless Assault
    • Swings an axe wide and spins around once to deal Physical Damage to all enemies within range.
  • Earth Slam
    • Jumps and lands in the selected location to deal apply Physical Damage to enemies within range.
    • A shockwave occurs upon landing.
  • Impregnable Fortress
    • Removes all debuffs from herself and gains Shield as well as immunity to Crowd Control effects.

In addition to the introduction of a new hero to the game, players can also enjoy the new cosmetic skins added which are:

  • Master grade skin for Terra
  • Hero grade skin for Terra
  • Hero grade skin for Rampage
  • Rare grade skin for Zena.

Other changes that arrived with the update are the improvement to the Training Grounds along with the revamped in-game sounds.

In addition to a new update, players can also get 500 Renar through a coupon code that's available on the game's official YouTube channel. This is in celebration of the successful closed beta test for the PlayStation 5 in the US and Europe regions from December 15 to January 8.

Paragon: The Overprime is a free team-based TPS Action MOBA game that's available for the PC. In the game, players go to engage in 5v5 play as they work with their time to conquer the Prime battlefield. It's a game with fast-paced battles and where strategic actions play an important role.

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