New 'Star Trek Beyond' TV Spots Spoil The Ending, Reveal Cameo Behind Sulu's Husband Casting

"Damn it, man, I'm a doctor, not a spoiler!" Paramount

New TV spots for Star Trek Beyond, including a Korean commercial, thoroughly spoil what we can expect from the end of the movie.

With a combined minute of Beyond footage, some of it new, the TV spots emphasize just how pivotal Starbase Yorktown will be to the plot. It seems as if Star Trek Beyond both begins and ends at the frontier outpost.

The United Federation of Planets starbase, a beacon of diplomacy and interspecies cooperation, would seem to be a natural target for the xenophobic Krall (maybe? We don’t fully know Star Trek Beyond baddie Krall’s motives yet). The two TV spots make it clear that Beyond ends with Krall besieging the starbase with the same swarm fleet that brings down the U.S.S. Enterprise at the beginning of the movie.

Check out the two teasers and see how much you can piece together if you’re on the hunt for spoilers:

Using the retasked U.S.S. Franklin — an older model Federation ship that Jaylah, Captain Kirk and his crew manage to fly off Krall’s planet of Altamid — the Enterprise crew manage to get through the swarm fleet and enter the starbase airlock:

The airlock for Starbase Yorktown. Photo: Paramount Pictures

From there we get all that jumpy, low-gravity stuff seen in the trailer (above). The gravity in Starbase Yorktown has gone wonky, making a topsy-turvy urban environment the staging ground for the final conflict against Krall.

Krall’s attack on Starbase Yorktown has some personal stakes as well, with Sulu’s husband and daughter apparently trapped on the space station. There’s a quick glimpse of them fleeing in these latest Star Trek Beyond TV spots:

'Star Trek Beyond' screenwriter Doug Jung cameos as Sulu's husband. Photo: Paramount Pictures

Sulu’s husband looks to be Doug Jung, who co-wrote the Star Trek Beyond script with Simon Pegg.

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