New Road Rash Game? 'Road Rage' Wants To Scratch Your Motorcycle Combat Itch

road rage road rash spiritual successor
Road Rage, a new IP coming soon from Maximum Games. (c) Maximum Games

Straight outta Maximum Games comes Road Rage , a new game in the vein of the Road Rash series, the motorcycle combat game that brought violent and illegal street races to consoles back in the 90s and early 00s.

While not a remake of Road Rash -- in fact, Road Rage is a completely new IP -- it doesn’t take Stretch Armstrong to make the link between the Road Rash series and 2016’s upcoming Road Rage . Described in the press release as “a motorcycle combat game set in the dusty, dangerous town of Ashen,” Road Rash promises to deliver on anyone’s need for murder, mayhem and money on two wheels.

Players control Ace, a newcomer in the outlaw motorcycle club that runs underground crime in Ashen. Your goal is to become club president, so you use your skill on a bike to fulfill your gang’s goals and gain ultimate control.

Road Rage features 42 story-based missions, with 40 battle moves and 11 unique and customizable bikes to master.

If Road Rage is ringing another bell, you may be thinking of Road Redemption , a separate and unrelated game that also took Road Rash as its model and brought battles and bikes to PC. Successfully Kickstarted back in 2014, Road Redemption proved that there was still life in the motorcycle mayhem genre.

While the Road Rash series itself might be dead in the trademark water, at least there’s spiritual successors like Road Rage to look forward to. Need fuel for your daily requirement of speed, violence and motorbikes? Road Rage releases on PS4, Xbox One and PC later this year. More information on Road Rage is available here .


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