New 'Passengers' Footage Shows Pratt And Lawrence Sucked Into Space, Do I Care About This Movie Yet?

Peekaboo, I see you Sony

Are you in the mood for a generic-looking space opera Stanley Kubrick would be ashamed of? Sony’s newest attempt to dig them out of the grave that Ghostbusters 2: Electric Slimer Goo has dug them into is Passengers.

If you don’t know what Passengers is, I don’t blame you, it doesn't leave much of a lasting impression. Chris Pratt, the guy who made all the money fighting dinosaurs in space, and Jennifer Lawrence, the girl who made all the money in a Y7 version of Battle Royale , are both locked in space when something bad happens. Suspense!

A new scene from the movie released by Sony on Wednesday morning shows the two getting into a little bit of trouble. Pratt opens a bay door which sucks all the air out of the room and Lawrence nearly flies out into the great beyond. If you are playing “generic space opera bingo” you should now have all your spaces filled up. Your prize is a terrible looking movie that will only lose Sony more money.

I guarantee this scene will mean next to nothing in the overall scheme of the movie. They almost get sucked out into space, but then they don’t. It’s just lazy padding to try and push a movie with not much going for it past the 90-minute mark. Maybe I’m just being cynical and Passengers will outperform all expectations, maybe even win an Oscar. Pratt and Lawrence are great actors, but fighting through a terrible premise and boring storyline is going to be difficult, even for their charm.

Passengers comes outs on Dec. 21, followed by the closure of Sony’s studio the following year.

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