New Mod Brings The Lights Of Vice City To GTA 5

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Vice Cry Remastered
Vice Cry Remastered EL Comercio

A new mod for GTA 5 called Vice Cry: Remastered allows players to experience Vice City in Rockstar's most recent GTA game. Now, what is Vice Cry: Remastered? Well, it is a port of Vice Cry, which was a popular mod for GTA Vice City that launched back in 2015 and significantly overhauled Vice City's graphics. Recently, the mod launched the version 1.0 update on December 20, 2019.

The mod itself runs like a DLC in GTA 5 and comes with new textures and models, working traffic lights, enhanced population, improved water mechanics, car generators, 3D neon models, and much more. Check out the trailer below:

Although the trailer shows Tommy engaging in various missions from Vice City, players will not be able to experience them in the mod. However, the mod includes new custom missions created for the mod, which makes this mod more interesting than just a GTA rebuild.

While you're waiting for GTA 6 to release, it is always fun to revisit the classics and try out some amazing mods that the GTA modding community is building for GTA 5. Now, if the roads and streets of Los Santos have started to bore you, it might be worth traveling to Vice City to take a sunset drive.

According to several rumors, it is believed that that GTA 6 will bring the series back to the Miami-inspired Vice City. What could be a better way to hype yourself up than experiencing a hint of Miami in GTA 5 itself?

The Vice Cry: Remastered mod has been tweaked and worked to improve graphics and stability and allow gamers to experience a fictional Miami in all its glory. Seeing a number of videos that run this mod, it can be said that the recreation itself looks quite impressive. The mod includes richly textured palm trees that look absolutely brilliant against sunsets and water horizons. If you want to experience the Vice Cry: Remastered mod, you can get it from here and jump right into a nostalgic world of Grand Theft Auto.

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