New ‘The Greasy Strangler’ Red Band Trailer Captures Everything You’ll Love (Or Hate) About This Movie

Is this the face of the Greasy Strangler? Drafthouse Films

A new red band trailer for The Greasy Strangler captures the movie to such a gruesome degree that you can decide whether or not to be excited for the release date the moment it ends. This new Greasy Strangler trailer captures the cartoonish violence, phallic processions, occasionally grating music, catchphrases and half-sweet (mostly mean) father-son bickering that makes The Greasy Strangler such a fun movie to watch.

Alternately, watching The Greasy Strangler could be like movie torture, smearing your eyeballs in repetitive dicks, leering depictions of murder and uncaring, groan-stretching jokes that the person next to you is laughing at really loudly for some reason.

There will be screenings of The Greasy Strangler that are near dead, all stone faces, and there will be theaters laughing and retching right along with it.

Read our review of The Greasy Strangler if you’d like to know more.

If you’re already sold on The Greasy Strangler, maybe skip this trailer? It’s not a movie that’s especially prone to spoilers, but this new footage is an overview of a lot of the movie’s catchphrases and character arcs. Best just to wait.

If you’re on the fence, you shouldn’t be after watching this. Be warned, the red band Greasy Strangler trailer is really very red band, on most imaginable vectors of potential offense. So watch it:

The Greasy Strangler is available for streaming Oct. 7. It will also screen theatrically, in more cities than you might guess.

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