New 'Dunkirk' Trailer: Christopher Nolan Nolans WW2, It's Blue Now

Christopher Nolan's new movie 'Dunkirk' comes out in Summer 2017. Warner Bros.

The new trailer for Dunkirk is Christopher Nolan at his Nolaniest. There are cooly sophisticated Brits, brassy Bwaaahm-y music and people walking a little slowly, awed by the beauty of the Christopher Nolan movie around them. Everything is blue and gray.

After seven years making Batman movies increasingly portentous and pontifical, until the whole series crumbled into ruin with Dark Knight Rises, Nolan adopted bigger themes a little more capable of holding under the weight of his grandiloquence. Will WW2 prove more capable of surviving the Nolanizing onslaught?

Dunkirk will be out in theaters Summer 2017.

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