Never Before Seen 'Overwatch' Sprays Found In Code: How Cool Are They?

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These Overwatch sprays are already in the game, but they are still cool. Reddit

A bunch of never-before-seen Overwatch sprays have been found by data miners looking through code on the PTR. Sunscorch from Lootwatch found 187 sprays that are nowhere to be found in-game. Some are only slightly different, like McCree’s clock pointing to something besides High Noon, while others are completely brand-new. There are a ton of sprays using the hero ability icons, like Soldier:76’s Helix Rockets, that I have no clue why they can’t be used.

Out of the whole bunch, only a few allow for some speculation. Sprays for Hanamura and Oasis could be used as rewards for Season 4 and 5. Other than that, everything else is pretty plain, which is most likely why these skins were never included in the game. I’d much rather drop a D.Va “GG” over some weird picture of her face any day.  

I’m a huge fan of Overwatch sprays. Throwing down a Well Played emote after dueling a Pharrah in the sky might be the best feeling in the world. I love BMing in Overwatch – it’s the only way I can truly feel like I’m making a difference in the game. I know my KDA, healing, or damage taken won’t be the highest on the team, but you bet your sour buns that I’m going to have the highest amount of sprays used on corpses.

The only spray I want from the batch to go live is this Reaper before he went all emo teen on us.

Do you think these sprays should be included in Overwatch ? Tell us in the comments.

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