Netflix Shoots Down Rumors Regarding The Witcher Season 1 Start Date

Netflix's The Witcher has no confirmed release date yet, and rumors have so far proven to be unfounded.
Netflix's The Witcher has no confirmed release date yet, and rumors have so far proven to be unfounded. Netflix

Rumors have been flying around on the internet about Netflix’s The Witcher series. In particular, one tweet from an alleged executive producer of the series claimed that Season One of the series would begin on November 1, 2019.

However, representatives from Netflix have confirmed that the information was in fact false and that the author of the tweet, a man named Giovanni Eugene Altamarquez, has no affiliation with The Witcher series or with Netflix.

Currently, Netflix is trying to quell the confusion caused by Altamarquez’s claims. Apart from revealing a false start date for the first season of The Witcher series, Altamarquez also claimed that a part of show had to be re-filmed because of changes in the casting decision behind a major character of the series. Of course, these claims caught the eye of several online news outlets, and Netflix has been trying to undo the damage since.

Representatives from Netflix have reportedly reached out to users on Reddit, stating that an investigation is underway regarding the identity and motives of Altamarquez, whose Twitter profile had since been deleted. However, Altamarquez’s LinkedIn and Medium profiles both claim that he has been with Netflix for over five years now.

We have been informed (by Netflix themselves oddly enough) that the supposed Netflix employee in "executive production" listed in the article does not actually work for Netflix and as such, this news is confirmed as being false. Given the spread of this article already, we feel that leaving it up and tagging it is the best way to let people know about it being fake. Basically Pandora's Box was already opened and this is the best way we can stem the tide somewhat.

Source: u/2th on Reddit

Netflix’s The Witcher series has been in production since October 2018, and while there have been official statements, trailers, and announcements regarding the development, we have yet to receive any official release date for Season One. However, leaked information from a few months ago pointed to the possibility of a December release, but so far it hasn’t been confirmed.

The Witcher TV Series will star Henry Cavil as the main protagonist Geralt of Rivia, but the show itself will follow the story arc of the original The Witcher novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski instead of the story presented in the video games by CD Projekt Red.

What do you think about the rumors regarding Netflix’s The Witcher series? Do you think the series will perform well given the current cast revealed in the official trailers? What events, characters, and stories do you hope to see when the series finally airs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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