Necesse Update v0.21.22 Adds New Trinkets and Armor for Settlers

Necesse Steam

Necesse received an update that brought lots of new stuff, including balancing changes, improvements, and bug fixes. The developer also stated that they have plans to improve the graphics and UI of the game in the near future.


Settlers are NPCs that can be recruited to join your settlement. Players can take Settlers to raids and other activities, but if they die in the process, they won't respawn. With the new patch, players can now give armor to Settlers so that they are more durable in battle, which might even save them from death.


Trinkets grants players bonus stats and buffs. In this update, players can create new trinkets by combining other trinkets. The latest trinkets added are: Explorer Satchel trinket, Balanced Frostfire Foci trinket, Shell of Retribution trinket, and Assassins Cowl trinket.

Necesse Update v0.21.22

  • The Forge now functions like a processing crafting station, similar to Grain Mill.
  • Picking up items from your corpse now places the items in the previous positions.
  • Adjusted the stats of raiders throughout the progression.
  • Increased inventory of dresser to have 10 possible sets.
  • Thrown bombs and dynamite now have a flying arch.
  • It is now no longer possible to fish up coins, giving more room to other catches.
  • Lunchbox will now no longer auto pickup food materials and food that gives debuffs. You can still put them in manually.
  • Increased minecart tracks stack size to 250.
  • Travel scrolls now attempt to teleport you to shore instead of landing in the ocean.
  • It's now possible to sleep in a bed without setting your spawn point.
  • Unchecking pause on focus loss now also prevents pausing when opening the Steam overlay.
  • Settlers will now show in their activity if their inventory is full.
  • Reduced timer before players are considered AFK significantly.
  • It's now possible to bind zoom to mouse wheel and have it work correctly.
  • Cheese press is now crafted in Demonic Workstation.
  • Optimized save file parsing by up to 95% reduced time it takes in some cases.
  • Makes default color mode setting vibrant.
  • Fixed players sometimes being invisible after using a bed.
  • Fixed selecting text sometimes overlapping the selection box between letters.
  • Fixed worm enemies circling players that are dead when other targets are available.
  • Fixed tooltips flickering when using a mouse tool.
  • Fixed rare crash when loading levels caused by identifier collision of packets.
  • Fixed possible crashes with receiving packets from external sources.

You can read more about the update here.

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