Natural Selection 2 Update 337: Matched Play, Bug Fixes, and More

Natural Selection 2
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Natural Selection 2 recently got a new update that added a new mode and fixed bugs.

The developers have added a new option called Matched Play. This mode pairs players with similar skills in a 6v6 situation. Players can vote for the map they want to play on and each team will get a chance to play on both sides. This ensures the game is more balanced. This game mode is still in the beta stage, so players can expect more changes in the coming future.

Natural Selection 2 Update 337

  • New “Matched Play” option in the Play menu. It is in a BETA state until the next patch. Feel free to provide any feedback on our discord server!
  • Focused version of the game for 6v6 only
  • System automatically groups 12 players based on their geographic location and their Hive Skill, to normalize latency among all clients.
  • Matched Play ranks and skills will use the player's current community rank until that player’s first Matched Play round is finished. Afterward, the Matched Play skill-ranks will be handled separately.
  • Map Voting is a priority-choice system, which means your first choice (of max 3) gets the greatest weight.
  • Each Match is two rounds, one for each faction. Teams are automatically swapped for the second round.
  • Friends Invitations and Groups Queueing are not implemented for the beta, but we are looking very closely at adding these features for the Version 1 release of Matched Play.
  • Players who intentionally leave an ongoing match will be penalized for using the feature, to encourage players to not create a detrimental experience for their teammates whom they match with.
  • 1st penalty is for 1 hour
  • 2nd penalty within 7 days-time is 3 hours
  • 3rd penalty within 7 days-time is 24 hours
  • 4th penalty within 7 days-time is 3 days
  • 5th penalty within 7 days-time is 7 days
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed fourth Infantry Portal being possible on one Command Station
  • Fixed the automatic spawning of an infantry portal once there are enough players on the team from occurring with the wrong amount of players
  • Fixed Marines rarely spawning at random locations on the map at round start
  • Fixed main menu background sounds not being controlled by the sound volume option
  • Fixed respawn music not being affected by music slider volume
  • Fixed “say” console command not working
  • Fixed the Advanced option “nameplates” set to “numbers” still showing health bars
  • Fixed that you could not queue a Drifter to patrol an area after a build order. The weekend seminar training for all drifters seems to have gone well as they now fully understand your priorities like creeping in hallways
  • Fixed Marine HP bar on HUD showing up even when disabled, if getting healed.
  • Fixed an exploit that could easily allow custom shaders on enemy players.

You can read more about the update here.

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