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Naraka: Bladepoint
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Good news! Naraka: Bladepoint is having a Free Weekend event starting today, December 17 at 11 a.m. EST, until December 21 at 11 a.m. EST. That’s four days of free gaming experience of Naraka: Bladepoint.

What’s Playable during Free Weekend?

Of course, new players would want to know what is playable in the Free Weekend. According to the developers, all free-trial players can access these six heroes: Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Kurumi, and Tianhai. On top of that, all modes available in the game are open for everyone during the event. However, players must be at least Level 15 to enter the Herald’s Trial.

Heroes and weapon proficiency work as that of normal players. You can freely experience and familiarize yourself with all six free heroes for four days. But if you’re thinking of buying new heroes during the event, developers noted that it is not possible. The event seems designed to let newbies get a feel of the game. That said, free-trial players also can’t speak in the public channel, receive gifts, change their name, or open treasures, besides the ones from events.

Since newbies are still learning the game, the game prioritizes the matching between free-trial players. Though developers didn’t say that normal players won’t end up in the matching. In terms of team play, normal and free-trial players can play together, but the team will be prioritized to match free-trial players first.

If you want a custom game, the game mode is open for everyone during the Free Weekend. Here, the matching is treated the same as the full game. Plus, the matching isn’t limited by platform. It doesn’t matter whether players are on Steam or Epic Games Store.

Once the event ends, you can decide to buy the full version. If you do, your progress from the Free Weekend is carried over to the full version. Also, treasures gained from weapon proficiency will be credited after buying the game. These items will be sent to the players’ email box, but they can only open them in the full version.

To know if your PC is up for the Naraka: Bladepoint, check the system requirements on Steam.

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