Multiplayer Skyrim Mod Hits A Few Speedbumps, But Devs Carry On

Despite some major obstacles involving reworking code, development on the Multiplayer Skyrim Mod keeps going.
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Despite some major setbacks, devs reassure fans that multiplayer Skyrim is still happening.
Despite some major setbacks, devs reassure fans that multiplayer Skyrim is still happening. The Together Team

In an announcement on Reddit from one of the devs behind the multiplayer Skyrim project, the community has finally gotten some assurance. According to the post, work on Skyrim Together is ongoing despite the hurdles and problems encountered recently.

In a post by u/Matt_Doge, the user expressed his confusion and concern regarding the work that was going into the project. Many fans of the project, as well other members of the community, shared in these sentiments, especially in light of the recent controversy with the creators of SKSE, or the Skyrim Script Extender. With licensing issues getting in the way of development, devs have had to undergo a major code rework, to the growing concern of fans who are invested in the project. Fortunately, Reddit user u/Ijustwantsteamdosh/, one of the developers behind Skyrim Together, was able to offer what reassurance he could by underlining that development will continue, and that the team has no plans to slow down or stop working on the mod.

Skyrim Together is a multiplayer mod for the single-player game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mod is currently being developed by The Together Team, and has close to 15,000 patrons on the crowdfunding website, Patreon. The mod itself is a massive project that aims to re-build Skyrim almost from the ground up to make online multiplayer a possibility. While its initial release date, that is, the planned launch for the first stable build, was supposed to be in 2019, we haven't heard any updates about the release since the controversies that led to a major code rework for the project.

Earlier in March, the team behind Skyrim Together announced that they were experiencing several difficulties regarding the use of code from the Skyrim Script Extender. While SKSE is widely-used by the Skyrim modding community, the Together Team failed to observe proper attribution as well as acquire proper permissions to implement SKSE code into their project.

What do you think about these recent developments about the Skyrim Together mod? While the controversy was very concerning, the community is very glad to know that development is still in progress. However, because of the major setbacks, the team's going to need more support than ever. If you're interested in the project and want to see it reach its potential, feel free to support Team Together on Patreon.

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