Mortal Online 2 Patch Sewers, Graveyards, and Point of Interest

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Mortal Online 2 received some new content, thanks to a recent patch. Don't expect a lot of new stuff though. The city of Morin Khur now features multiple sewers that players can explore. Toxai and Mojki maps received new graveyards, and multiple points of interest are added to the world.

Longer loading times and low frame rates won't lead to the player being kicked anymore, and bounty contracts now only cost 1g. The rest of the changes are mentioned below.

  • Players should now automatically be unstuck if they try to move while being stuck in the ground.
  • Poor game performance like low frame rate or loading stalls no longer affects the ping detection for getting kicked as it is now handled on a separate thread.
  • Human clade gift "Warcry" now reduces magic damage taken by 15%, and grants a 100% chance to resist spells during its effect.
  • Human clade gift "Cleric" now also raises the minimum mana regeneration rate to 20%, up from 10%.
  • Human clade gift "Opportunist" is now replaced by "Versatile" which grants +50 action skill points.
  • Some Human clade gifts have been re-arranged.
  • Psyche now affects damage reduced from AI spells and chance to resist them.
  • Clade gifts now affect the damage of AI spells.
  • Player trinket defenses now work against AOE spells.
  • Player clade gifts now work against AOE spells.
  • Fixed AI spellcasting message spell being all lowercase.
  • Added the ability to recharge trinkets using the combine skill. Note that you can only reroll by using the dedicated NPC.
  • Improve AI pathing so that characters are less likely to take shortcuts through walls when making sharp turns around corners.
  • Character movement physics should no longer affect you if you are standing still in idle unless someone is doing an action against you. You could previously get pushed aside or even end up on top of an AI if for example a guard on patrol walked into you.
  • Moving close and bumping into other characters should now be less sticky.
  • Fall damage when landing on other characters has been reintroduced with a new method. Previous method was disabled as the player could get launched into the air at random by the other character.
  • Increased the volume on the Clothos Boss’ sound effects.
  • Human clade gift "Cleric" now also reduces the overall mana regeneration penalty from wearing armor

You can read more about Mortal Online 2 Patch on Steam.

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