Mortal Online 2: Patch Introduces Expanded Hotbars and Better Pet AI

Patch Star Vault AB

Star Vault AB released a new update for Mortal Online 2 recently. Patch introduces the first set of features that were revealed in the game’s roadmap, including more hotbar options and an improved Pet AI.

Are you struggling to fit the many items, spells, and abilities available in Mortal Online 2 on your hotbar? Well, you might be happy with the expanded hotbars introduced in the most recent update.

The game still has four hotbars as usual, but each one now has eight layers that you can flip through at any time. You can customize these layers to your liking, so you can finally add whatever it is that you want to include on your hotbars.

Also, if you’ve been clamoring for a way to change the hotbar orientation, hovering your cursor above the hotbar will show a new button to do just that. Hotbars are displayed vertically by default, but the new feature lets you switch to a horizontal layout.

As mentioned earlier, Patch also made improvements to the pet AI. Your pets can now keep up with you, so you no longer have to stop for a brief moment just for them to catch up. Moreover, pets will now teleport to your location if they get stuck somewhere.


  • Several new point-of-interest locations have been added to the world.
  • Added kegs, which can be used to store a large amount of potion units.
  • Added the ability to combine certain items such as potions and kegs. The Combine skill is available in the action skills window.
  • Players with unstable connections to the server will now be kicked from the server.
  • You no longer get hardstuck inside other characters when mounted. It could for example happen when undead spawned on your position.
  • Improvements have been made to the way AI moves in groups. AI characters should no longer get pushed into walls by other AI as they navigate tight spaces, for example when going through doorways. This does not improve the Risar dungeon issues however as that is a different problem.
  • You can no longer cook if you have recently taken PVP damage.
  • Smoothing has been added to the mounted archery wobble to smooth out harsh bounces from the mount. This smoothing is stronger based on mounted archery and controlled aiming skills.
  • War combatant debuff now lasts for 4 minutes.
  • Character creation Decoration UI has been reworked to be more intuitive.
  • Reduced the range of stabling pets.
  • Fixed the trade window not showing the correct icons, stats, and info for items that were being traded.
  • Fixed an animation issue that could cause the heads of mounts to stutter while turning while trotting.
  • Fixed issues that would result in boss room doors not closing properly.

The full patch notes can be found on the official site.

Mortal Online 2 is available on PC.

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