Mortal Online 2: Block Everything with New Tower Shield in Patch

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Patch for Mortal Online 2 is now here. This update adds Tower Shields to the game, as well as some changes to shields that make them more appealing now than before.

Tower Shields in Mortal Online 2 are pretty huge, so much so that you can use them to block almost everything. If you are the type of person who wants to take the beating instead of evading attacks, using a Tower Shield is a logical choice.

Patch also brought important changes to shields in general. For one, the extra stamina cost of blocking attacks with a shield has been removed. Besides that, shields now mitigate more damage when blocking attacks that cannot be parried.

Some exploits have been fixed in this update as well. For instance, the exploit where you can pull fish out of the ocean instantly is resolved. If you were one of those people who took advantage of this exploit back then, sadly, this is no longer possible after applying the latest update.

Here are the other notable things implemented in Patch

  • Added the ability to toggle criminal actions with a hotkey. (Default key bind is N) A new icon will appear on the screen while criminal actions are active.
  • Added a new Advanced Management skill book. This should alleviate the issue with not being able to level up the Management passed 70 if your Negotiation skill is leveled up too high.
  • Added experimental UI scaling option. If you encounter any issues with elements going off screen you may use the UI reset button to fix it.
  • Shield weight now contributes to equipped armor weight.
  • The Mental Leash debuff will no longer get removed if you take damage.
  • Player-owned house passwords are now obfuscated by default. There is now a new visibility toggle that will allow you to view the entered password.
  • Adjusted character body shapes across the board. Bodies should now represent their status (skinny, stout, etc) in a more accurate manner. This change also fixed some bad shapes on armors that happened when you had a character that was both strong and overweight.
  • The Necromantic Rituals skill now affects the stats of summoned ritual creatures.
  • Tentative fix for the “ghost player” issue where a clone of a player would appear in the wrong location.
  • Fixed exploit which lets you level up pets instantly at the stables.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed you to bypass the coin on the delivery cost of a letter containing an item.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed you to transport items safely with a mount.
  • Fixed exploit where you could transport items safely while in spirit form.
  • Fixed exploit that allowed you to run at combat speed with your weapon sheathed after right-clicking a deed in your inventory.

The full patch notes can be found on Steam.

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