Moonbreaker: Zax's Story Update Now Live

Zax's Story Update
Zax's Story Update Twitter/@Moonbreaker

Are you a fan of physical miniature games? Well, the turn-based strategy title Moonbreaker might appeal to you because it lets you enjoy such games without the physical limitations. You will play on a map with a stunning diorama look and have the ability to paint your units, so that you can alter their color scheme the way you want.

Recently, Unknown Worlds Entertainment launched the first content patch for Moonbreaker, now downloadable on Steam. The update is called “Zax’s Story” and as you can already tell, the new plot focuses on Zax Ja’Kar, one of the captains in the game.

Aside from the new story arc, the Zax’s Story Update also features a new Cholek map, which has a beige and green color scheme to it. But the biggest change in this patch is that the reinforcement and drawing mechanic have been removed. This means that all rosters now have eight crew members instead of 10, not including the captain.

You can read the other major changes below:

  • Removed Pulsars
  • Renamed Merits to Sparks
  • Replaced Blanks and Boosters in Season Track with Sparks, Decal Packs, and Profile Images
  • Disabled Store
  • Increased camera rotation from +-20 degrees to +-60 degrees
  • Crit chance is now displayed more clearly
  • Remove Boosters
  • Grant players access to ALL units
  • 30+ bug fixes
  • Simplified and improved Boobytrapped Igniters
  • Disabled Golden Ark (used Reinforcement)
  • Changed Impact Munitions to push further, and also work for melee units.
  • Added unique models for different types of cargo
  • Reworked Bridge display for units to improve readability; sorted from low-cost to high-cost
  • Converted UI for max crew and bridge to a Bridge that shows how many crew are ready to deploy
  • Reworked Astra to have more counter-play
  • Ranged units always hit close targets (within range 1)
  • Doubled the effectiveness of soft cover and unit blocking on accuracy
  • Reduced max crit damage from +3 to +2
  • Reworked Ship Assists that had no counterplay
  • Orbital Strike: At the start of your next turn, deal 3 damage to ALL units in area; cooldown lowered from 4 to 3
  • Cinder Infusion: New Keyword, Infused: Gain +1 Cinder every turn; Give target allied Crew Infused for 3 turns.
  • Plink: Choose a unit whose health changed this turn. If friendly, restore 0 health. If enemy, deal 0 damage.
  • Stowaway: Change your lowest cost undeployed Crew to a new one that costs +1 more.
  • Corrosive Particles: Reduced radius from 5 to 2 (83% reduction)
  • Broken Vengeance: lowered attack from 3 to 2, increased health from 7 to 9 (less offensive, more retaliations)
  • Switchback: Rapidfire only lasts for 1 turn, slow lasts for 2 turns (counter-attack potential and higher cinder investment)
  • Torian, Bodyguard: Decreased attack from 3 to 2 (focus on protection)
  • Peacemaker Balam: Lowered Cinder cost from 4 to 3 (more value)
  • Detonia: Increased ability range by 12.5% (explosion radius remains the same)
  • Vortex Beam: Range 3, Radius 3

Moonbreaker Zax’s Story Update is now available on PC.

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