Monster Sanctuary September Patch Notes Include New Monsters, Buffs, Features, And More

MonsterSanctuary Update
MonsterSanctuary Update Steam

Moi Rai Games, the developer of Monster Sanctuary, just released a new update that adds new monsters and new passive buffs. The developers are adding in two new monsters, Trolls and Brutus, before the launch of the final version of Monster Sanctuary. Moi Rai has also added in a talk feature that allows you to interact with your familiar. The familiar’s purpose is to give you more quests.

Monster Sanctuary September Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

New Monsters added

Underneath the sunny Ancient Woods, a series of new dark cave rooms are waiting to be explored by you! Two new Beast-type Monsters can be found here:

Trolls, ghastly cave dwellers that will eat just about anything that stumbles into their underground lairs. They have the tools to bring down Monsters of any size, having a strong focus on the "Armor Break" and "Poison" Debuffs. Of course, they're also very sturdy at the same time, having multiple ways to regenerate their health.

Brutus, a massive gorilla-like beast of a Monster, which acts as a new Champion Monster. Brutus is quite a unique Monster in that it has no Elemental weakness, but can only deal neutral damage himself. It's new "Power Focus" skill allows it to drastically increase the force of its next attack!
The new areas are underneath the Goblin-infested area of the Ancient Woods, and there are two entrances. You need to have a Monster with "Improved Flight", as well as a Monster that can light up dark rooms.

Spectral Familiar Overhaul

We have granted a visual overhaul to some of the very first Monsters that we created for the game: the four Spectral Familiars! No matter which one of the four is your favorite, Wolf, Eagle, Lion and Toad now look better than ever before.

We have also used this opportunity to add new skills to some of them and to change a few of their skills, refining their roles in the game.

New feature: Talk to your Familiar!

We have added a new feature to the game that we have been working on for a long time: the "Talk" feature! In the menu, you may now select "Talk" to talk to your Familiar. From there, you can ask your Familiar about any of your goals that are currently active. It essentially serves as a Quest menu like in modern RPGs, but we aimed to make it much more immersive and less intrusive! It's completely optional and it's never required to progress in the game.

Please note that, if you have already completed all the goals that are available in the current version of the game, you won't have anything to "Talk" to your Familiar about. But who knows, perhaps you missed a thing or two in the game?

Visuals for removing Buffs & Debuffs

To make a few particular actions in combat clearer, there are new, improved visuals when a Monster removes Buffs or Debuffs from themselves or from other Monsters. So next time you attack an enemy with "Cleansing Flames" or heal one of your Monsters with "Restore", you will know exactly which Buffs or which Debuffs were removed!

Added many new Buff-improving passives

We spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of new passive skills were still missing from the game. We realised there was a niche left untapped with passive skills that improve certain Buffs in different ways. These new skills should give Buff teams more of a unique identity and more tools to play with.
Previously, the goal of Buff teams usually was simply to amass as many Buffs as possible. We hope that this will make teams more viable that focus on specific types of Buffs, like Sorcery or Glory for instance - kind of like how there are Debuff teams that focus on specific types of Debuffs, like Poison or Chill.

Patch notes

  • Removed egg specific hatch level caps - all monsters now hatch at the same level (0-3 levels lower than highest player monster, depending on the progress)
  • There are three new Keeper Duel challenges available at the Keeper Duel Trainer NPC in the Keeper's Tower (Knight Challenge, Champion Challenge and Dragoon Challenge)
  • Wild monster give ~20% more gold now
  • New unique item 'Dumbbell' - available from Brutus (Champion)
  • Spectral Toad underwent a bigger rework to give him more identity in his skill set, he is more focused on Healing and Debuffs, but should be still able to do some decent damage.
  • Also his Shifts are 'Heal Charging' and 'Mana Potential' now
  • Spectral Eagle has 'Charged Start' and new skills 'Impactful Shock' and 'Reborn from Ashes' now Spectral Wolf's Dark Shift has -1 Base Health but +2 Attack & Magic now, also it has 'Shatter' now
  • Most Tier 5 attack deal slightly more damage now
  • Damage of attacks with low hit count got buffed (three hits or fewer)
  • Reworked Rocky slightly to feature more 'Weakness' debuff synergy in his third skill tree by adding 'Multi Weakness', 'Disoriented' and a new skill 'Tranquility'. His shifted stats got changed slightly in favor of dark shift
  • Shielding Leaves shield value and damage increased
  • Sizzle Knight got 'Multi Shock' and a new skill 'Impactful Shock' now - shifted stats slightly increased
  • Crackle Knight got a new skill 'Electrolytes' (instead of 'Stunned') - shifted stats slightly increased
  • Steam Golem got 'Auto Restore', 'Attack Mastery', 'Cleanse' and two new skills 'Observe' and 'Optimal Performance'
  • 'Solar Rays' reworked to do more hits (six hits at highest tier)
  • 'Tackle' reworked to do more hits (seven hits at highest tier) and ignore 25% of enemy's Defense now
  • 'Poison Eater' reworked do do many hits and deal additional hits for every poison on the target
  • 'Deep Freeze' reworked to do additional 40% damage hits for every chill on the target
  • 'Mud Cannon' does six hits on the highest tier now
  • 'Weaponry' value increased to 15% (from 10%)
  • 'Channeling Balance' value increased to 7.5% (from 4%) and it is unique aura now
  • 'Berserk' gained charge stacks increased to eight (from six)
  • 'Glitter' damage and damage reduction value increased to 5% (from 3%)
  • Qilin has 'Hex Support' now
  • 'Shatter' Critical Chance value increased to 10% (from 7%)
  • 'Hunt' Critical Chance value increased to 4% (from 3%)
  • 'Improved Glory' Critical Damage value increased to 20% (from 10%) and it is an unique aura now.
  • -'Improved Sidekick' bonus damage increased to 50% (from 30%) and it is an unique aura now.
  • 'Improved Barrier' bonus damage reduction increased to 7.5% (from 5%) and it is an unique aura now.
  • 'Improved Regeneration' bonus heal value increased to 7.5% (from 5%) and it is an unique aura now.
  • Damage of 'Magic Attack' increased to 300% (from 240%)
  • Vaero's 'Cleanse' got replaced with 'Cleansing Sidekick'
  • One of Goblin Warlock's 'Hexing Support' nodes got replaced with 'Warlock Healing'
  • Grummy got new skills 'Regeneration Shield' and 'Broken Immunity'
  • Monk got 'Flurry of Blows' and a new skill 'Combat Guard'
  • Druid Oak and Ninki Nanka got a new skill 'Restoration'
  • Elderjel and Glowfly got a new skill 'Forceful Sorcery'
  • Glowdra' got 'Multi Sorcery' and 'Shared Sorcery' skills
  • Megarock got 'Multi Might' and new skills 'Forceful Might' and 'Static Glory', also base attack value increased by one
  • Dracozul's got 'Copy Shield'
  • 'Intelligent Swarm' Charge gain chance is now 100% (from 75%)
  • 'Mana Charging' required mana value increased to 40 (from 30)
  • 'Punishment' trigger chance reduced to 50% (from 80%) but fixed the skill (was not triggered at all previously)
  • 'Charging Shield' shielding value reduced to 60 (from 75)
  • Oculus got 'Defense Healing' now
  • 'Combo Healing', 'Power Healing' and 'Defense Healing' now heal the monster in the party with the lowest percentual health
  • Ninki has a new skill 'Regeneration Shield' now, also it has the monster type 'Dragon' now
  • Magmapillar got a new skill 'Mana Bolster'
  • Tanuki got 'Meditation' now
  • Mimic lost his 'Evasion' skill and has two instances of 'Gold Sense' now
  • Ornithopter's 'Critical Focus' replaced with 'Crit Chance Plus', 'Energy Conversion' with 'Combo Buffing' and 'Mana Proc' with another 'Combo Buffing'. Both shifts lost one Defense.
  • Armor Break Debuff now also ignores non defense related damage reduction but the value got reduced to 25% (from 40%) - Debuff description is not updated yet
  • Ring Focus value decreased to 75% (from 100%)
  • Dark Mimic's Base mana increased by one
  • 'Static' damage value increased to 20% (from 15%)
  • 'Combo Initiator' also does an additional hit now when the monster attacks first
  • 'Cleanse' remove buff chance reduced to 25% (from 30%)
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