Monster Hunter World: Iceborne: New Videos Drop For Lance And Gunlance

Gunlance gets a huge, huge buff.
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Capcom shows off the newest mechanics and moves for the Gunlance and Lance in Monster Hunter World.
Capcom shows off the newest mechanics and moves for the Gunlance and Lance in Monster Hunter World. Capcom

Capcom is back with more videos showcasing the impending release of the Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World. These aren’t relating to new monsters, or even the new map – it’s for the updated moves on all of your favorite weapons, now that a new mechanic has been introduced to the game. We have seen footage for the all-new Cluctch Claw tool, the Great Sword and the Long Sword, the Sword and Shield, and Dual Blades, and the Hammer and Hunting Horn.

This time around, Capcom is showing off the long-reaching weapons of Monster Hunter World: the Gunlance and the Lance. Check out the two videos below that feature the newest moves you’ll be able to pull off once Iceborne rolls out.

First off, we have the Gunlance, and boy did it get a huge upgrade for Iceborne. The footage starts off with a showcase of the Gunlance in tandem with the Clutch Claw, which allows the Hunter to cling to the Rathian’s head immediately, burying the weapon deep and firing away. The best part of what’s new with the weapon comes later, though.

As it turns out, you can now use your Slinger ammo directly with the Gunlance itself. We see the Hunter loading slinger ammo into the Gunlance, followed by shooting it directly at the Rathian’s head, flinching it in the process. Of course, the Gunlance gets a new move as well, called the Wyrmstake Blast; it’s an upgraded version of the Wyrmstake Cannon, with the Wyrmstake Blast firing a shell that buries itself in the monster, which can then explode. It doesn’t go away immediately, however, meaning you can technically spam it with shells to keep exploding it and possibly flinch the monster.

Next up we have the ultimate tanking weapon, the Lance. One of the key moves shown in the video is that while every weapon can now use their Slinger with their weapon drawn, the Lance takes it a step further in that you can use it from behind a shield. This has great potential in using powerful slinger ammo while tanking, which means more utility for Lance users.

The Clutch Claw’s utilization with the Lance is amazing as well. The weapon has a counter of sorts with the included shield, but now you can even use that in tandem with the Clutch Claw; following a successful counter, you will be launched into the air, and then you can opt into using the Clutch Claw to close the gap again, leading back into an attack.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne releases on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6, 2019. The PC version on Steam launches sometime during Winter of this year.

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