Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.7.08 Brings Fredrinn to the Live Server

Patch 1.7.08
Patch 1.7.08 Twitter/@MobileLegendsOL

After so many beta updates and adjustments, Fredrinn is finally available on the official servers of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang via Patch 1.7.08.

Fredrinn is a tank/fighter hybrid that can take the beating and dish out insane amounts of damage because of his skills. His passive allows him to convert some of the damage he receives in combat to Crystal Energy. Crystal Energy is used to increase the damage of his Appraiser’s Wrath ultimate.

The latest update for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also implements some balancing adjustments to certain heroes. Vexana has received some buffs yet again, particularly to improve the synergy of her Undead Knight ultimate. Now, the Undead Knight no longer automatically returns to Vexana when he’s too far away. Moreover, the ultimate can be cast again to call the Undead Knight back to Vexana’s side when needed.

Karina has always been a top pick in Mobile Legends, so the developers tweaked her a bit to make her slightly less powerful in the early game. The base damage of her first skill is reduced to 150-225. On top of that, the initial damage of her ultimate got nerfed to 350-750.

You can read the other balancing changes implemented in Patch 1.7.08 below:

  • Passive
    • Optimized the pace when Nether Curse is triggered in succession.
  • Ultimate
    • Fixed an issue where the Undead Knight couldn't inherit Vexana's attributes and balanced its damage. Now it deals lower damage in the early game and higher damage in the late game.
  • Passive
    • Increased the Soul Fragment absorption range
  • Ultimate
    • This skill can now be cast when moving
    • Reduced the extra HP in the Specter state.
  • Skill 1
    • Cooldown changed to 8.5-7 seconds
    • Cooldown reduction per attack against Muddles increased to 1.5 seconds
  • Skill 2
    • Cooldown changed to 7-6 seconds (goes on cooldown upon skill cast)
    • Mana cost reduced to 60-10
    • New Effect: Muddles will disappear early when there are no linked enemies.
    • Removed: The skill goes on cooldown when Muddles disappears
    • Slightly increased Muddles's movement distance.
  • Ultimate
    • Defense boost when the skill is active increased to 5 times
  • Skill 1
    • New Effect: Badang stores up to 2 skill charges and restores 1 charge every 13-10 seconds (decreases with level).
    • Cooldown reduced to 2 seconds
    • Initial damage reduced to 210-360 + 90% Physical Attack
    • Forewing slightly reduced
  • Skill 2
    • Cooldown reduction changed to 9 seconds
    • Removed: 40% of the skill cooldown is refunded if no enemy is hit.
    • New Effect: Casting this skill grants Badang a 350-600 (+150% Physical Attack) shield that lasts 5 seconds

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Patch 1.7.08 is available on Android and iOS.

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