MIR 4: November 2 Patch Features the Arbalist Class and More

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MIR4, an MMORPG developed by WeMade Next, has received a new update recently that introduced a new class and new features that you will surely love.

New Class: Arbalist

The latest patch features the new Arbalist class. It is the only ranged physical damage class in the game. While the female Arbalist has a cute face, do not be fooled by her looks as she is an agile, battle-hardened assassin capable of dispatching hordes of enemies with ease.

You can learn more about the new class by watching the video below:

Class Change

There are many different classes in the game, and it would be time-consuming to go back to the beginning just to try them all. So, the developers added a new feature that allows you to change classes while maintaining your current level, Constitution, Inner Force, and Codex.

When you want to change classes, there are some conditions to keep in mind. The first is that you have to be at least Level 50. Second, you should not be in an active party and have to be in Bicheon Castle.

You also have to pay a fee if you want to use this feature. The rates are as follows:

  • 1st Creation: 1,000,000 Copper
  • 2nd Creation: 4,000 Gold
  • 3rd Creation: 8,000 Gold
  • 4th Creation: 12,000 Gold

Fortunately, the cost of switching between the original class and the created class is free.

Solitude Training

Solitude Training
Solitude Training WeMade Next

Once you’ve reached Level 70, you can now use Solitude Training to further enhance your character’s capabilities.

There are four specialized groups of vessel training: Conception, Governing, Thoroughfare, and Girdle. Each of these groups contains eight ability slots that can enhance certain aspects of your character, which means there are 32 types of stats in total. You can level them up to Rank 10, and to do that, you will need several items.

The Snow Panax/Oil can be obtained from Magic Square or Secret Peak fourth floor and above. It can also be obtained from field monsters. Furthermore, the Rare Noirsoul Herb can drop in the Labyrinth, Field, Elite, and Hidden Valley areas.

While the benefits that can be gained from Solitude Training are immense, you have to bear in mind that there are three possible outcomes. You can succeed which the rank of your chosen ability slots will improve. You can fail and nothing happens. Or you will trigger the Tangled Inner Force where the rank of your enhancements can drop up to three levels.

The November 2 patch for MIR4 is now available on PC.

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