Enjoy a Bunch of Mini Games in Diner Bros Inc.

Mini-games galore.
Mini-games galore. JAYFL Games

For many players, mini-games are often used as a way to relax from the main game. Diner Bros Inc., however, is going at it differently. The mini-games are the main feature with a lot of them available for players to try out.

While indeed it’s all about mini-games, there’s actually a villain behind everything. To get to the main boss players need to finish mini-boss levels to collect gems and unlock new collections.

If that seems too difficult, players can call on a friend to help out. Not enough? Why not bring in three friends? Those new to the game can try out the easy mode and get to share lives. Those looking for a challenge can see who’s the best.

Features of the game include:

  • Play and enjoy at least 40 different mini-games. Fight aliens, play cards, smash cars, or even go shopping. There’s a lot to do.
  • ​Share co-op action. Form a team of four to take on the bosses or compete against each other.
  • ​There are boss mini-games to face and collect gems once defeated. A mysterious villain is not making things easy.
  • ​Use gems to unlock new story levels, new games, and even new characters.

The game is available on PC through Steam. Right now, it’s being offered at a 15% discount until September 14.

Original Game

Diner Bros Inc. was developed by JAYFL Games, the same studio behind Diner Bros, which is basically a cooking and restaurant management game. Players need to cook and serve meals as fast as they can to make customers happy. They can also get new equipment and learn recipes to come up with new dishes, both for the main course and side dish. The goal is to manage and upgrade the restaurant until it gets that three-star award.

Bundle Offered

There is also the Diner Bros: Fun with Friends Collection priced at $29.96, though available at 19% off right now. It has the new game and others made by developer JAYFL Games. There’s the main game, of course, plus the Diner Bros – Sushi Bros DLC. This one is like the base game but introduces Japanese food. Finally, there is the Diner Bros – Taco Amigos Campaign which features Mexican recipes. Get the bundle here.

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