Minecraft On PS4 Finally Gets Crossplay Support

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Minecraft Bedrock Edition
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Minecraft Bedrock Edition, which released in 2018, brought crossplay to multiple platforms, allowing players to play the popular game with their friends across PC, Xbox, mobile and Nintendo Switch. One platform did not join the party: PlayStation 4. However, with the latest update, this error has been rectified.

Later this week, the next Minecraft update for PS4 will upgrade the game to the Bedrock Edition, allowing crossplay support on the platform. There aren't any extra charges that players have to pay to upgrade the game.

With the update for crossplay support, PS4 players will also be able to access the Minecraft Marketplace and buy new skins and add-on content. Were you jealous of your friends sporting new skins? Well, your wait is finally over.

Previously, Sony had blocked cross-play for Minecraft and Fortnite, but after a lot of backlash from players, the company had to reverse the decision. Along with reversing the decision, Sony changed its crossplay policies in September 2018. Following the change, Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, Dauntless, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare all include crossplay support.

“One of Minecraft’s core missions is to connect players across devices and provide the best experience regardless of platform,” Minecraft’s studio head, Helen Chiang, told The Verge. “We continue to fulfill that mission here today by welcoming PS4 players to Minecraft on Bedrock and growing our cross-platform multiplayer community.”

Minecraft is the latest addition to the list of PS4 games that support crossplay. The game currently has over 480 million players and tons of active monthly players.

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