Minecraft Dungeons Opening Cinematic Officially Revealed

The Minecraft revival mania continues.
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The opening cinematic for Minecraft Dungeons has been released.
The opening cinematic for Minecraft Dungeons has been released. Mojang

Developer Mojang has just unveiled the opening cinematic for its upcoming foray into the role-playing game genre. Announced at last year’s Minecon, the action RPG spin-off titled Minecraft Dungeons will put a player (or players) in the shoes of brave warriors tasked with saving the realm.

The cinematic starts off with the narrator telling the story of an outcast Illager (that looks like the 'handsome Squidward with a unibrow' meme) that is shunned by people. Hurt and angered, the Illager ventures further away until he stumbles upon a lost artifact, named the Orb of Dominance, that gives him powers beyond his wildest dreams. Once his transformation to the Arch-Illager is complete, he returns to the village that shunned him and makes them bow to his will. Soon, he starts a conquest for the neighboring towns, summoning various monsters and beings to do his bidding. Just when all seems lost and no one is able to fight against the Arch-Illager, we see four box-headed heroes looking from afar.

Minecraft Dungeons is an action role-playing game that takes on dungeon crawler elements and puts them inside the world of Minecraft. The game can be played solo or by a group of up to four players. The players then go through procedurally generated dungeons and defeat mobs of monsters from the Minecraft Universe. Defeating these hordes means more loot, more EXP, and more powers to defeat the Arch-Illager once and for all.

Gameplay footage for Minecraft Dungeons has already been released. So far, it has confirmed that there will be no mining or crafting in the game, just dungeon crawling and horde battling. Also, there are no character classes for the game, which can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. Lastly, even though it seems that Minecraft Dungeons is similar to Minecraft in name only, it really isn’t. One such similarity is the behavior of monsters and terrain in Minecraft that is carried over to Minecraft Dungeons.

Mincraft Dungeons is expected to release in Spring 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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