Minecraft Beta Bug Fixes, Nether Changes, and More

minecraft caves and cliffs update
minecraft caves and cliffs update gamesradar

Minecraft recently received a new update that fixed tons of issues in the beta game version. While the beta game is accessible to players, you won't be able to access Realms or rejoin non-beta players during the preview.

Developers are working on other versions of the game to match them with the Java Edition, so players have a similar playstyle. Players entering the Netherworld will no longer be welcomed by 40 mobs. The devs have reduced the maximum amount of mobs to 20 at the start.

Minecraft Beta Features and Bug Fixes

World Settings
  • Added the "Respawn Blocks Explode" game rule, which can be used to prevent Respawn Anchors and Beds from exploding
Caves And Cliffs
  • Worlds with the Caves & Cliffs experimental toggle enabled are now more likely to have the same default world spawn position as worlds without the experiment using the same seed
Vanilla Parity
  • Monster spawning in the Nether has been changed to more closely match Java Edition
  • Block interaction "click" sounds are now controlled by the "Blocks" volume slider Swapped toggle sounds for levers so that they are now parity with Java Edition
  • Fixed a bug where the contents of a Shulker Box are deleted when dyeing from the recipe tab
  • Using a Powder Snow Bucket on a Cauldron filled with Powder Snow no longer creates a new Powder Snow block
  • Lava Buckets can now be emptied into a Cauldron filled with Lava
  • Enchantment Tables now emit light level 7
  • The falling position of Pointed Dripstone is no longer slightly offset
  • Target Blocks now conduct Redstone signals
  • Message/tell commands no longer fail when cheats are not activated
  • Teleporting a mob between dimensions no longer causes the mob to despawn
  • Fixed offhand Shields clipping into players’ arms while in third-person perspective
  • Minecart with Chest will now copy over its chest contents when pick blocked
  • Diamond Pickaxes found in Hoglin Stable chests are now enchanted
  • Bubble Columns are now placed properly when loaded with a Structure Block
User Interface
  • The Sign In dialog is no longer shown on a split-screen game to anyone other than the primary player on PlayStation 4
  • A debug string is no longer shown for how to open chat

You can read more about the update here.

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