Minecraft Content Reaches 1 Trillion Views on YouTube

A truly exciting milestone.
A truly exciting milestone. YouTube

Minecraft has reached a truly unprecedented milestone with game content reaching one trillion views on YouTube. This was announced by none other than Google’s online video sharing and social media platform.

It was back in 2009 when the first-ever Minecraft video appeared on the platform. Since then, different creators and content have become one of YouTube’s biggest communities. It had even been a foundational part of this ever-growing ecosystem.

Minecraft was actually the top game and the top live game watched on YouTube for 2020. Currently, there are more than 35,000 active creator channels across at least 150 countries.

In a press statement, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki shared that gaming creators play an important role in the YouTube community. She went on to say that Minecraft gaming creators worldwide have made their own, especially with compelling content that can bring people together. Wojcicki concluded that they can’t wait to see what’s next.

For YouTube Global Head of Gaming Ryan Wyatt revealed that it was incredible to see just how the game has exploded. He even recalled the time he worked with SeaNanners at Machinima when SeaNanners first tried Minecraft and then shared it on YouTube.

Celebrating the Milestone

To celebrate this truly impressive milestone, YouTube is releasing a new animated video that features moments and creators from throughout the game’s history on the platform. This same video spotlights the Minecraft community through an animated change to the logo on YouTube’s homepage for 24 hours. The platform is also highlighting curated playlists that celebrate some of the game’s biggest creators and most-watched videos.

YouTube Culture and Trends is also launching a dedicated Minecraft landing page on its Culture and Trends site. It features data visualization of major trends, creators, videos, and a series of editorials that explores the global impact of Minecraft creators on YouTube. Back in 2010, for example, Minecraft content went from 181.7 million views to 1 billion views. At the start of 2011, that figure went up to 3.5 billion views. Read more about it here.

There’s also a YouTube Creator Skin Pack to be released in the game, which is made possible by YouTube partnering with Minecraft. It features some of the game’s top YouTube creators as newly designed avatars. This skin pack is free and available for players to download for one year.

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Minecraft is available on PC.

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