Minecon Live 2019 - Here's What To Expect

The 90-minute livestreamed show will air on September 28.
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MineCon Live 2019 is coming this September 28.
MineCon Live 2019 is coming this September 28. Mojang

MineCon is back this year, as the annual Minecraft show where everything Minecraft-related is revealed and put to vote by the game's very active community. It’s bearing a new name, too, following previous rebranding as MineCon Earth. The event is now known as MineCon Live, which is more apt in my opinion, seeing as MineCon, starting back in 2017, has since been held in an online format rather than an actual meet-up event.

The event is being described as “A live celebration of all things Minecraft!” which is held on all the official Minecraft social media outlets. It’s not too different from the past MineCons, aside from the fact that 2019 is a very special year for Minecraft. Mojang’s flagship title just celebrated its tenth birthday last week, so it seems fitting that there will be might some big surprises ahead for everyone who tunes in.

Mojang officially announced MineCon Live 2019 with a trailer, which you can view below.

MineCon Live 2019 is set to be streamed live on September 28, at 12:00 p.m. EDT. You can check out the current Minecraft landing page for more details, as well as a page dedicated specifically for MineCon Live 2019. The event will be around 90 minutes long and is said to be "packed with juicy Minecraft news, content creators, and will include pre and post show bits, as well as on-demand community panels.” You will be able to watch it through any device capable of streaming, such as phones, tablets or computers, and it will be available to stream live through platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

Some of the content featured in the event has already been detailed, including the option for Minecraft fans to submit their very own ideas for panels to be held. Like last year’s event, Minecraft fans will also be able to vote on what the next piece of content will be added to the game. Instead of a new mob, this year’s vote will be for a new biome to be added to Minecraft.

In addition to panels and community events, expect to hear about two Minecraft titles currently in the works: Minecraft: Dungeon, a dungeon-crawler spin-off title, as well as the recently announced Minecraft Earth, an AR title developed for mobile devices in the same vein as Poké​mon Go.

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