Might And Magic Joins Auto-Battler Craze With Chess Royale

Ready for something new?
Ready for something new? Ubisoft

Might and Magic is preparing to join the auto-battler genre with its own offering. Might and Magic: Chess Royale is coming to both the PC and mobile on January 30. However, unlike the games already released in the genre, Might and Magic boasts of something new.

So what's going to be different with this one, you ask? Well, Might and Magic: Chess Royale appears to be a combination of auto-battler and battle royale. Like any battle royale game, Might and Magic: Chess Royale allows 100 player to fight against each other, with the last one standing declared the winner. However, unlike your typical battle royale, players don't fight it out on a large 3D battlefield, but instead compete in a real-time chess battlefield.

Like any other auto-battler, the key to victory in Might and Magic: Chess Royale is to come up with a good strategy, particularly by creating good synergies. That's not all as Might and Magic: Chess Royale claims to have short games. Most auto-battler games take quite a long time. Might and Magic, however, revealed that in their version, each game has been optimized to last around 10 minutes. Indeed, if that's the case, it's going to be a game changer.

The game is also a treat for fans of the Might and Magic franchise as players can collect heroes and units from the Might and Magic universe. Like the series, each hero belongs to a specific faction and comes with unique abilities.

Pre-orders for Might and Magic: Chess Royale are available here.

The Auto-battler genre is a type of strategy game that features chess-like elements. In general, each match has players paired off randomly each round to fight. The goal is to damage the units of the opponent and be the last player standing. Most auto-battlers allow for eight players per game.

The genre had it start with the release of Dota Auto Chess, a community-made custom game for Dota 2. This mode was released last January and by May of the same year had at least eight million players. Dota Auto Chess eventually evolved to become just Auto Chess, as Dota 2 owner Valve released its own version with Dota Underlords. Other studios quickly released their own versions, like Riot Games with Teamfight Tactics and Blizzard with Hearthstone's Battlegrounds.

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