MicroProse Gets Back Rights to Falcon Series

Good news for the community. MicroProse

Good news for fans of Falcon games. MicroProse revealed that it managed to get back the copyright of the series, which means that the combat simulation franchise returns to the line-up of the studio. With this, the studio will be able to develop new products in the future and build on the legacy of this iconic series.

MicroProse also revealed in a post that it's also acknowledging the work done by the Benchmark Sims team with respect to the BMS mod for Falcon 4.0. Benchmark Sims is a community driven development team composed of talented and passionate developers from around the world and have worked tirelessly for their love of the sim and of the community. Benchmark Sims revealed that the Falcon BMS is always going to be a free modification providing users an original copy of Falcon 4.0.

In that same post, MicroProse said that it recognized both the passion and dedication that Benchmark Sims have brought to the Falcon community. The studio assured everyone that it'll continue to support the efforts of Benchmark Sims in any way possible. MicroProse went on to say that there's going to be no end in sight for the work being done by the BMS Team.

The Falcon games are a series of simulations of the F-16 Fighting Falcon combat aircraft. It has many games but the two good starts for new players are:

  • Falcon
    • The game puts players in the cockpit of the F-16 Fighting Falcon.
    • Experience accurate weapons system, head-up-displays, cockpit controls, and overall flight characteristics.
    • Beware of enemy MiGs as they are not only resourceful but also very skilled.
  • Falcon 4.0
    • Get ready to experience a new era of flight simulators with cutting-edge graphics, realism, dynamic campaigns, and multiplayer gameplay.
    • The envelope is pushed even further with accurate topographical terrain, detailed radar and weapons simulation, hyper-realistic flight models, and stunning visuals.

For those who want to get more bang for their buck, the best option should be the Falcon Collection which not only has the two games mentioned but also Falcon A.T. and Falcon Gold. Falcon Gold, which includes with the complete collection of updated versions of Falcon 3.0, MiG-29, Operation: Fighting Tiger and Art of the Kill dogfighting video.

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