Mercury Fallen December 8 Update: New Additions and Bug Fixes

Mercury Fallen December 8 Update
Mercury Fallen December 8 Update Steam

Mercury Fallen received an update focused on new additions and bug fixes. In addition to that, the developer has also made minor tweaks.


The latest update features new decorations: wall sign and wall poster. While putting them is already enabled, some options for these items will be unlocked as part of existing research projects. Players can configure the new items once they’ve placed them.

Colonist Behavior

The developer has made some minor tweaks to colonist behavior. Now, colonists take less time to gather items despite gathering them from multiple inventory locations. Although the colonist's action speed depends upon their level, there is a clear increase in their overall speed level now, thanks to the tweaks. Also, the success rate of colonists keeps increasing every time they fail to perform an action until they succeed.

Mercury Fallen December 8 Update

  • Added a “Move Object” action button to info panel footer for applicable objects. This allows the player to easily moved placed objects/machines. Structural objects like walls and flooring can’t be moved.
  • Added wall sign furniture with 12 sign variants (some require relevant research).
  • Added wall poster with 4 poster variants.
  • Robot Uprising scenario has a slightly different starting story.
  • Overslept mission replaced with a robot specific mission in the Robot Uprising scenario.
  • Can now copy/paste algae farm settings.
  • Beds reduce colonist fatigue a bit faster.
  • Water flowing in conduits now brighter to better show water flow.
  • Storage containers no longer show the “allowed items not set” icon if the container isn’t constructed yet.
  • When picking up items on the ground, colonists will now check for additional items to pick up in a larger radius.
  • Colonist action success chance increases by a small amount each time they fail an action until the action succeeds. This minimizes colonists getting stuck in long failure cycles.
  • Fixed: Misspelling in the challenge scenario description.
  • Fixed: Unable to reach 100% success chance for builder job role even at max level/attributes.
  • Fixed: Colonists not choosing the closest valid target when deconstructing.
  • Fixed: Electric consumers connecting to incorrect conduit network if two different networks are available in some instances. This caused machines to be unpowered even though they are clearly connected to a power network with power.
  • Fixed: Game soft locks if right-clicking a build button in the object build menu.
  • Fixed: Active object selection still selected when selecting a new object to build.

You can read more about Mercury Fallen December 8 Update here.

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