MechWarrior Online: Solaris 7 Patch Features New Platinum Collection 08

Patch Piranha Games

Patch for MechWarrior Online will go live later today, and it will feature the latest Platinum Collection.

For those who are new to MechWarrior Online, a Platinum Collection consists of four Platinum Mech Variants and Pattern Unlocks. In the upcoming Platinum Collection 08, you will acquire the following:

Inner Sphere Collection 08
  • Assassin ASN-27(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Assassin Variants.
  • Hellspawn HSN-8P(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Hellspawn Variants.
  • Trebuchet TBT-7K(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Trebuchet Variants.
  • Stalker STK-5M(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Stalker Variants.
Clan Collection 08
  • Arctic Cheetah ACH-E(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Arctic Cheetah Variants.
  • Black Lanner BKL-D(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Black Lanner Variants.
  • Night Gyr NTG-C(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Night Gyr Variants.
  • Warhawk WHK-B(P) + Platinum Pattern Unlock for all Warhawk Variants.

Patch will also bring a number of Quirk adjustments. The OSR-3D variant of the Osiris, for example, has three new Quirks; one that adds plus five Structure to its Left Arm (LA) and Right Arm (RA), another that adds 10% missile velocity, and the last one that adds 20% small laser range to Standard (STD) and Extended Range (ER).

Patch Notes

Energy Weapons
  • Medium Pulse Laser
    • Increased optimum range to 240m (from 220m)
    • Increased maximum range to 480m (from 440m)
  • Snub Nose PPC
    • Reduced maximum range to 540m (from 630m)
  • OSR-40
    • Added +5 Structure to LA, RA
    • Added -5% heat
    • Added -30% Jump Jet heat
    • Added 20% Target info-gathering speed
  • OSR-1V
    • Increased LA, RA Structure bonus to +8 (from +5)
    • Added 10% Missile range
    • Added -10% Missile cooldown
    • Added 100m Seismic sensor
  • OSR-1P
    • Added +5 Structure to LA, RA
    • Added 20% weapon velocity
    • Added +10s UAV Duration
    • Added 20% UAV Range
  • OSR-SE
    • Added +5 Structure to LA, RA
    • Added -10% Laser duration
    • Added 20% Capture Accelerator
  • HBK-4P
    • Added -5% heat
    • Increased STD/ER Medium laser HSL to +3 (from +2)
    • Added Medium pulse laser HSL +3
Mad Dog
  • MDD-Prime
    • Added -10% heat to SO8
    • Added -5% Laser heat to SO8
    • Removed -10% Pulse laser heat from SO8
  • Fixed an issue where the Incubus 'Mech was missing Tertiary Color on the right torso all variants

MechWarrior Online Patch is expected to launch at 4 p.m. later today.

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