Mechajammer: Update v1.06 Improves Gameplay and UI

Mechajammer Steam

Mechajammer is a unique cyberpunk, turn-based RPG where you can recruit members to your party in preparation for large squad assaults. A new update for the game is now available that brings improvements and bug fixes.

The game log has received some noteworthy improvements. It will now open by default every time you start the game. It is also smaller, so even if you choose to have it open during gameplay, it will not be bothersome at all. Moreover, names are color-coded to easily distinguish between your name and the names of your companions and enemies.

In addition, the AI for rioters and police has received some adjustments. For instance, they will now leave the area correctly after an argument, instead of them just standing around. It would also seem that the rioters have become somewhat more civilized as they will no longer start riots indoors.

For bug fixes, the mismatched warnings from gangs that pop up after you infiltrate their base are now corrected. Furthermore, the bug where items could fall outside of walkable areas is fixed.

Update Highlights

  • Overlapping items bugs fixed
  • Notifier in-game feed for mutation damage
  • Tightened game feed text
  • Pelican does not get the minimap icon at beginning of the game
  • “Acquired item” text pops up correctly
  • Character sheet shows all advantages and disadvantages next to the list of jobs
  • Fixed incorrect label of the settings menu
  • Pick up items with HUD menu instead of in world clicking
  • Fixed bug with saving unconscious enemies
  • Fixed plasma guns not hitting crouched enemy
  • Fixed bug with cars driving through the ground over ramped areas
  • Backup reinforcements from spotlights limited to 2 groups at once
  • Fixed enemies that disappear in shadows incorrectly
  • Loot drops further away from the locker door to avoid colliding with the locker itself
  • Fixed pathfinding issues when clicking over the water surface
  • Fixed bug where dead NPCs show up with incorrect sprite after returning to an area
  • Fixed items clipping through the floor
  • Fixed incorrect pain threshold stats included in roll for knockout attacks
  • Fixed bug with rolls for chemistry not calculating learning dice correctly
  • Fixed bug with rolls for hacking not calculating learning dice correctly
  • Medic plays correct sound effects during dialogue
  • Companions virtue skills are separated to keep from going off-screen during dialogue
  • Fixed bug where companion bag opens while talking about skills

Mechajammer Update 1.06 is now available on PC.

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