Mech Armada: Update 0.10 Makes Huge Changes to the Economy

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Mech Armada is a turn-based strategy game where you battle against alien creatures called the Swarm. Your mission is to fight for Earth, or at least, what’s left of it. You will take command of a team of custom-built Mechs. Build and upgrade your Mechs and manage your resources while you’re at it.

The developers released Update 0.10 a few days ago. It is deemed as the biggest update yet, and it brings quite a lot of changes. Read further to learn more.

New Energy Economy

One major change in Update 0.10 is that parts now have a maximum number of uses. Because of this, only a limited number spawns in the field, meaning you can no longer use the same part in each of your Mechs. Since the spawn energy cost with every Mech part you spawn isn't increased, energy costs stay the same at all times.

Additionally, as you can no longer use the strongest parts in all of your Mechs, the devs worry that the game will be too hard. To address this, they added a second upgrade level to each and every part. You can also bring them up to Level 3.0, making them a lot stronger than before.

Quality-of-Life Changes

A few QoL improvements have been implemented as well. You can now edit your Blueprints at any point, even while you are in the middle of a battle. To enhance the build flexibility, you can also undo any changes you’ve made in your Improvement selection without penalties.

Another notable change is that Mechs can now collect energy automatically at the end of the battle, provided that they stand on an Energy Pod. How much energy is collected depends on a related Improvement.


  • Turbo acquires move capabilities (that used to be in Off-roader)
  • Ranger gains weapon slots when upgraded (up to 3 slots at 3.0)
  • Increased health on all the big transports
  • Adjusted Buggy and Trike buff at 2.0 so it triggers with basic parts
  • Impervious loses the -1 move penalty at 2.0
  • Lower Reflector's health
  • Missile Head gained health and lost armor
  • Remove armor from Trooper
  • Fix camera issues when a Survival mission ends with drones or by killing all Swarm
  • Smooth music transition entering and exiting the Transform screen
  • Tooltips added to Mission Complete screen rewards
  • AI prediction is now updated immediately when the Swarm receives damage-over-time
  • Fix Zapper visual element being in the wrong spot for the Sandworm Larva
  • Don't show End Turn warning if Mechs have actions with no consequences (e.g. attacking an armored enemy)
  • Updated icons to represent area-of-effect on tooltips
  • Minimum attack ranges are displayed using the correct number (it was off-by-one)

Mech Armada Update 0.10 is available on PC.

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