'Mass Effect Andromeda' N7 Armor: How To Unlock Both Pathfinder And Iconic Commander Shepard Armor

Mass Effect: Andromeda Eos radiation, and how to take care of it
Mass Effect: Andromeda Eos radiation, and how to take care of it BioWare

Since Mass Effect: Andromeda brings us to a new galaxy, it makes sense that we do not see the iconic Commander Shepard in this story. That said, who could resist Easter eggs and a little fan service? You'll get to wear Shepard's N7 armor in Mass Effect: Andromeda as a secret unlock for Ryder, but you'll have to find it first. You can also wear collect the "Pathfinder" N7 set as well.

Both the Shepard and Pathfinder N7 armor is available for both the male and female Ryder. Here's how you can find the N7 gear in ME:A:

The Pathfinder N7 armor is a little easier to find in this game. The Pathfinder N7 set found in the Research Development wing of your very own ship, the Tempest. Simply find the N7 armor under "Milky Way Technology" and research Pathfinder helmet, chest plate, legs, and arms. You will need to collect a total of 250 Milky Way research points in order to research the whole armor set.

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Once researched, you'll find each piece of the armor will require Iron, Cadmium, Omni-gel canisters and Platinum. Some of the items will be hard to find, but rare elements can be found on select planets in the Faroang and Nol systems.

On the other hand, you can also purchase the Pathfinder N7 set from a vendor on Nexus. It might seem more convenient for some players, but be sure you're carrying a lot of prices because it doesn't come not cheap.

But if you really want to look like a true Galactic hero or heroine, you're going to want the legit Commander Shepard N7 armor. Unfortunately, you cannot pick up the Shepard N7 armor from the thrift store. Instead, nor is it readily available at your Research Development terminal. Instead, you'll have to scan planets from the Tempest's Galaxy Map or scan environmental objects from Ryder's arm attachments until you accumulate Milky Way research data. This will finally unlock the blueprint of the armor and it will still have to be crafted. It's tedious, but it's worth it if you want to look the part.

Pathfinder N7 armor gear base stats (can be upgraded):

Pathfinder Helmet
+2% Damage Resistance
+5% Weapon Accuracy

Pathfinder Chestplate
+4% Damage Resistance
+5% Weapon Accuracy
+15% Power Restoration and Defense

Pathfinder Legs
+2% Damage Resistance
+5% Weapon Accuracy

Pathfinder Arms
+2% Damage Resistance
+5% Weapon Accuracy

Shepard N7 armor gear base stats:

N7 Helmet
+2% Max Shields
+5% Biotic Power Damage

N7 Chestplate
+4 Max Shields
+4% Biotic Power Damage
+5% Biotic Recharge Speed

N7 Legs
+2 Max Shields
+3% Biotic Power Damage

N7 Arms
+2 Max Shields
+3% Biotic Power Damage

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