Marvel’s Avengers Offered At 50% Off With Black Friday Sale

Enjoy these discounts.
Enjoy these discounts. Crystal Dynamics

Marvel’s Avengers is being offered for as much as 50% off for a limited time under this year's Black Friday sale. Digital copies of the game are being offered at:

  • PlayStation 4: 50% Off (November 20 to November 30)
  • Xbox One: 50% Off (November 20 to December 3)
  • Steam: 50% Off (November 20 to December 1)
  • Google Stadia: 50% Off (November 24 to December 3)

Meanwhile, Physical copies of the game are also going to be discounted by retailers worldwide, though specific discounts will vary.

Marvel’s Avengers was released on September 4 and since then, has made some changes resulting from the feedback of players. What this means is that the Black Friday sale is a good time to buy and jump into the game if you haven't yet. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Captain America can smash doors with his shield throw to access locked areas.
  • All Super Heroes can now sprint in bases such as the Helicarrier, Ant Hill, and SHIELD Substation Zero.
  • All Faction Missions can be obtained in any base – previously players had to go to each base to accept their respective missions.
  • Option to scale subtitles and closed captions size.
  • Closed captions are no longer automatically displayed in cinematics.
  • Ability to preview Cosmetic Vendor items.
  • Captain America’s shield run now damages enemies.
  • Tuned enemy ranged attacks.

That’s not all as there’s also some upcoming features and new content arriving to the game. These include:

  • The ability to replay Reassemble Campaign (currently in testing).
  • A Ping System for smoother multiplayer communication (currently in testing).
  • AIM Cloning Lab
    • An Omega-Level Threat that needs a team of four high-Power Level characters to finish.
  • Marvel’s Avengers: Kate Bishop – Taking AIM
    • An operation coming on December 8 that introduces a new playable Super Hero.

Marvel's Avengers is an action-adventure game presented in a third-person perspective. It offers an original cinematic story that can be played offline as a single-player experience. The game can also be played online through co-op mode with a maximum of four people.

Marvel’s Avengers is available for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia. Versions for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S are set to be released in 2021.

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