'Magic: The Gathering' Digital Future Further Elaborated On

More news has appeared for Magic Digital Next Wizards of the Coast

Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have been coy with talking about Magic Digital Next, the future of digital play for Magic: The Gathering. Thanks to an investors meeting at this year's Toy Fair, we have our first look at what could be coming to replace Magic Duels or even Magic Online.

A look at what could be coming in the future for Magic players Photo: Hasbro
Another look at what Wizards of the Coast is working on Photo: Hasbro

To hear Hasbro's comments on Magic Digital Next, check out the Hasbro investors earning right here. The relevant clip starts at around the 2 hours and 18 minutes mark, or slide 284. A demo video was shown during the presentation, but is not available to watch online.

Along with these images, Wizards of the Coast has also posted a message clarifying some misconceptions about what Magic Digital Next is all about. According to the post, the term Magic Digital Next is an umbrella term used for all of the different digital products in the works for Magic. The focus is on a new way to play online, with an emphasis on creating a game that can be easily updated with all new cards and content. According to the investor update, it's also important to make it "watchable and shareable," or in other words, make it easy to stream online like Hearthstone.

More details are said to be coming soon. According to a different earnings call from HasbroMagic Digital Next will start releasing products as early as this year. Wizards of the Coast is planning on having an appearance at E3 this year, so expect to know more information about what's coming around then.

So what do you think? Are you excited to see a serious push for Magic: The Gathering to have a definitive online version? What features do you hope will get included? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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