'Mafia 3' Trailer Shows A Gritty, Violent What-If New Orleans [VIDEO]

Rat-a-tat-tat Forbes

A new trailer for 2K’s Mafia 3 has just been let loose, crossing past events with unspeakable violence. Set in New Orleans in 1968, Mafia 3 hopes to reinvent the franchise known for its white guys in nice suits and Tommy guns. The trailer is worth a watch, even if you have never played a Mafia game before, just to listen to that sweet “Son of A Preacher Man.” The motion capture is flawless and looks like in-game footage.

According to Gamespot, the game is presented like a documentary of the life of the imaginary Lincoln Clay in the New Orleans-inspired New Bordeaux. The missions will all be part of the main story, no superfluous running around for side quests that really don’t get you anywhere. They can also be tackled multiple different ways; you can wire-tap and sneak around or choose to go in guns blazing.

IGN also had a chance to try Mafia 3 , and they showed off some brand new game footage. The game will be open-world, a first for the franchise. There are nine districts in New Bordeaux and all of them have their own look and feel. Some have their own crime rackets, crime families or mobs trying to run their part of town.

Mafia 3 comes out on October 7, so get ready to smash some bozos over the head with baseball bats.

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