'Mafia 3' DLC: Car Customization And Races Added In Free Update

Lincoln in front of a customized car in Mafia 3 2K

Mafia 3 is getting another free update, this time bringing car customization and races to New Bordeaux. Other new additions in the update include new clothes, weapons and more.

The biggest addition in the latest update is the ability to customize cars. You’ll be able to trick out the ten cars you can now own in Mafia 3 by visiting any of the nine Big Rick’s Garage locations around the city. Once here, you can apply different spoilers, decals, superchargers and more. There are over 50 different customization options, so be sure to check them all out.

Players will need to unlock the customization items, and can do so by participating in the 12 new races found across New Bordeaux. There are six circuit races and six point-to-point races to win. Winning races will unlock car customization items and winning all of the races will unlock the shiny new Griffin Marauder car to own. Races are unlocked after having the first sit-down with all three of your lieutenants.

The Griffin Marauder can be unlocked by winning all 12 races in Mafia 3 Photo: 2K

Three new outfits will also be included in the update. The first two, called “Bad, Bad Mr. Burke” and “On The Prowl” get unlocked immediately, but the third, called “The Classico” will require players to link Mafia 3 to their My2K accounts. Along with “The Classico” outfit, players will also unlock a fancy revolver by linking accounts as well.

2K ended its announcement by saying even more content is on the way in 2017. While the team remained quiet on specifics, they did allude to more customization options and “ways to enhance the performance of the cars on your fleet.”

So what do you think? Are you excited to try out the races in Mafia 3? Are you more excited to customize your vehicles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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