Maelstrom Adds New Gauntlet PvE In Latest Update

Time to prove how tough you are.
Time to prove how tough you are. Gunpowder Games

Maelstrom is adding a PvE mode titled The Gauntlet. This latest addition is set to offer a new way to play the game, be it solo or with friends. There’s also going to be a new upgrade system that’s going to give players more tactical choices that ever.

The Gauntlet comes with different PvE encounters that eventually end with a final boss battle. There are five levels of difficulty which are Grifter, Lurker, Thrasher, Leviathan, and Abyssal. Each challenge has captains face off against dangers both above and below.

How far can you go?
How far can you go? Gunpowder Games

There’s also going to be primary and secondary objectives, both of which are then tied together into a larger themed mission. For example, one such theme is the Hunt where players need to sail between islands and sink pirate ships. Of course, it’s important to note that the goal is not to get sunk yourself. At the end of the run loot is awarded that players can then use to upgrade their ships. The good news is that the upgrades can be used not only on Gauntlet modes but even in PvP battle-royale.

Overall the new mode has these features:

  • Randomly ordered encounters that come with various kinds of challenges.
  • The availability of an “Adventure Store” between encounters which offers different per-run upgrades.
  • The difficulty is scaled based how many players are participating and the power rating.
  • The rewards are scaled based on the difficultly and the performance of the players.

The Gauntlet is also offering end of game rewards. These rewards are also going to be rewarded at the end of each PvP match. These include:

  • Bronze: Opens with Gold
  • Silver: Opens with one Key
  • Gold: Opens with two Keys
  • Battle: Opens if the player has the Premium Battle Pass

The new mode is also introducing what is known as Captains’ Traits. That’s right. Players can not only upgrade their ship, but also their Captains. This should give Captains that added level of flexibility and power to get a needed advantage in the battle.

Make your captain the best.
Make your captain the best. Gunpowder Games

There is now a skill tree that comes with a range of buffs like being able to reload cannons faster and improved ship acceleration. With this, players should now be able not only to customize their Ship and Crew, but also their Captain.

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