Madden NFL 23: Update Released Addressing Pre-Launch Feedback Concerns

Good news for players.
Good news for players. EA Sports

A new Title Update has been released for Madden NFL 23, which is sure to make a lot of players happy. That’s because it mainly addresses the feedback given by the players before the official launch. The game was released just last August 19.

The development team revealed that since the launch, they’ve been focusing on new feedback coming in. The team went on to say that while some have been included in this new update, the majority received during the launch window are set to be featured in the next update.

The update focuses on four aspects: Gameplay, Franchise, Authenticity, and General Stability Fixes across Modes.

There are a lot of changes made, so we'll just look into those particular aspects of the gameplay. The ones tuned by the update include:

  • Pass-block "handoff" logic to allow pass blockers to handoff rushers to adjacent pass blockers during a defensive shed move attempt when targeting a separate rusher
  • Run-blocker pursuit to improve the blocking path against user-controlled defenders to better pick up user-LB’s stacking behind DL’s and shooting gaps
  • Pass-block movement to make pass blockers commit sooner to rushers moving near the line of scrimmage at the snap
  • Improve pass-block prediction to better anticipate the direction of the rusher when coming out of their stance and/or moving very slowly
  • Reduce match-distance on ‘Blow-Up Blocker’ interactions for user-controlled defenders
  • Ball Carrier skill-moves to reduce drastic changes in speed
  • Reduce fumble chance for WR’s playing in the HB position
  • Cover 4 Quarter CB’s to better cover outside streak routes in Trips formations
  • Give elite receivers more separation vs. defensive backs in man-press
  • Better conserve momentum of WRs during mid-air collisions with defensive backs

Fixes done include:

  • An issue allowing a specific shed-move to be too powerful and too frequent by user-controlled pass rushers
  • A run-block targeting issue where the right tackle wouldn’t block the defensive end on Gun Spread Y-Slot Wk HB Base vs. specific defensive alignments
  • A run-block targeting issue leaving the DE unblocked on Singleback Bunch Quick Pitch vs. specific defensive alignments
  • An issue allowing the TE to be assigned incorrect hot-routes after using specific pre-snap motions in Bunch formations
  • A rare issue causing a player to warp off the ground after a sideline catch
  • An issue causing receivers to sometimes step out of the back of the end zone while running their routes, leading to illegal touching penalties

View the complete list of changes done here. Madden NFL 23 is available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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