The Lost Wild, Dinosaur-themed Survival Horror Game, Officially Announced for PC

Due out in 2024.
The Lost Wild has just been officially announced, coming to PC via Steam in 2024.
The Lost Wild has just been officially announced, coming to PC via Steam in 2024. Annapurna Interactive

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric megalodons have been making a comeback, with titles like Exoprimal coming soon and Glaciered just being officially confirmed. Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Great Ape Games have also announced a dinosaur title of their own called The Lost Wild, a first-person survival horror, that pits your character against nature’s most fearsome creatures. The Lost Wild is only confirmed for PC via Steam at the time of writing, and Annapurna Interactive released a new trailer to celebrate the announcement. Check out the trailer below.

Set in the middle of a very dense forest, The Lost Wild seems to take great inspiration from games like The Forest and The Green Hell, in terms of its feel and setting. There were a couple of dinosaurs shown off in the trailer as well, and it would appear that the player character cannot actually kill most of them; instead, they just hide, run away, or distract these dangerous creatures.

The Lost Wild, per Steam, is an immersive and cinematic dinosaur game, with your character facing off against dinosaurs that behave very much like wild animals. The Lost Wild tasks you with exploring a prehistoric wilderness where you are at the center of the food chain, so there are a lot on top of you that you need to evade to survive.

Throughout your journey, you will find abandoned facilities in a lush wilderness teeming with prehistoric life. You can scavenge from these facilities various useful items to vastly improve your chances of survival, but at the cost of your safety as you need to explore deeper dangers to find more.

When faced with threats, you can either evade or intimidate certain dinosaurs. By nature, your character seems very stealthy and elusive and can take advantage of the terrain to keep safe from the dinosaurs’ eyes. In some cases, holding your ground and using man-made wonders such as fire and other non-lethal weapons can be the key to intimidating certain dinosaurs.

The Lost Wild is now available to wishlist on PC via Steam.

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