Lost Eidolons: Patch v1.5 Adds the Ability to Skip In-Battle Dialogues and Other Features Requested by Community

Patch v1.5
Patch v1.5 Twitter/@OceanDriveGames

Ocean Drive Studio has been hard at work to deliver the best possible experience for Lost Eidolons players. Thus, Patch v1.5 was released not long ago, which added plenty of features requested by the community, including the ability to skip in-battle dialogues and more.

Some players just want to go straight into the action in Lost Eidolons, especially those who are already on New Game+. So, the company has added a new feature where they can skip dialogues that occur during a battle in Patch v1.5.

In addition, while the game is fun to play, the ending leaves much to be desired. In fact, some people have invested a lot of time and effort just to finish Lost Eidolons only for them to get an anticlimactic conclusion to the story. Fortunately, the company has addressed this by including extra epilogues for each character, allowing players to understand the driving forces behind their favorite characters' actions.

Patch Notes

  • Added different in-game cursor styles (can be found under Settings)
  • Added the option to switch sorting orders under the Formation menu
  • Adjusted battle balance for Ch. 27
    • Added in-battle events with choices that can impact battle balance
  • Fixed the issue where Eden could be unavailable in the Formation menu, preventing the battle from starting
  • Improved visibility of the visual effects marking interactable items in the camp (such as tomes)
  • Made improvements to optional battles
    • Added more enemies you may encounter in the monster hunt type optional battles
    • Adjusted the objectives and completion conditions for some of the optional battle quests
  • Made improvements to the ending
    • Added an epilogue to the happy ending
    • Added character epilogues in the credits
  • Added a tutorial for when you receive prestige rewards, about using the Village Reward item to get its contents
  • Added the Help menu to the list of menus that display when you press Esc during combat
  • Added the option to show/hide Aides in the Formation UI
  • Added UI to indicate saving is in progress when saving mid-battle
  • Improved categorization of characters under the Rapport UI
  • Improved controls for camera zoom-in/-out
  • Improved the Battling Bosses tutorial text
  • Improved the camera panning speed in camp and in grid view during battle
  • Improved the sorting order for items under the camp’s Gift Items UI
  • Improved the visual effects for the Ice Wall skill
  • Reduced the time it takes to start/end interaction dialogues
  • Addressed the continuity issue in the quest dialogue for recruiting one of the recruitable units in Ch. 18
  • Fixed the animation issues during rapport conversation with Robere
  • Fixed the camera issues that occurred during camp interactions (issues with character locations, camera perspectives, character gazes, etc.)
  • Fixed the issue where Albrecht’s starting class was set to Commoner

So, what can you say about the new features introduced in Lost Eidolons Patch v1.5?

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